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职务 Associate Professor

Lutz Philip Hecker

Full name:Lutz Philip Hecker
Position:Associate Professor
College:SZTU Business School

Personal Profile

Lutz Philip Hecker, associate professor, earned his PhD in Environmental Economics under the United Nations Education Program of Convention to Combat Desertification at Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany. He holds a German master degree in Economics from University of Mannheim (QS 2023 World ranking in Economics Top 50), and a German Master degree in Philosophy and Business Sciences from the University of Jena. From 2014-2023, Lutz Philip Hecker served as a senior researcher and lecturer at Brandenburg University of Technology. He taught undergraduate and postgraduate students in (Environmental) Economics and Business Administration and lead several German Government research projects on managing climate change adaptation, dealing with climate risks and the cost-effectiveness of environmental policies. His business experience includes international commerce, e-commerce and logistics. He has published several papers on SSCI indexed journals and peer reviewed German journals such as:

-Cost-effectiveness of state-dependent versus state-independent agri-environment schemes for biodiversity conservation, Ecological Economics, Vol 217, 2024,

-Squeeze it or leave it? An ecological‑economic assessment of the impact of mower conditioners on arthropod populations in grassland, Journal of Insect Conservation 26(3), 2022,

-Spotlight on spatial spillovers: An econometric analysis of wastewater treatment in Mexican municipalities, Ecological Economics, Vol 175, 2020,

-Insektenverluste durch den Einsatz von Konditionierern bei der Behandlung von Mähgut – ökologische und ökonomische Aspekte, Natur und Landschaft, 97(2), 2022,

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