Cultivation of Talents

Postgraduate Education

With the gradual development of undergraduate education, SZTU Business School will gradually carry out MBA and other business management postgraduate education relying on the advantages of SZTU. Cultivate high-end management talents with international vision and innovative practices that are capable of meeting the senior management needs of business and economic management departments.

In terms of postgraduate training, Business School has established a high-quality teaching team with business experience at home and abroad. In terms of teaching team, all the professors have academic and working background at home and abroad, and some of them ever worked in Germany, Canada, Belgium and Switzerland. Our students will learn from the diverse teaching models, such as seminars, case simulations and group studies,and also can learn the business knowledge and ideas from these outstanding faculty members.

In terms of curriculum system, Business School will invite professional career planners, career consultants and highly experienced professors in this field to provide professional courses for students. In addition, according to the college's development plan for postgraduate education, students'career development has been mentioned in the training schedule since the beginning of their enrollment. The college will gradually establish a career development center which is especially responsible for the "tailor-made" career planning for students.