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Guest Lecture on Employment Practice and Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Business Simulations

Date:Oct 31, 2023 14:35Source: ClickTimes:

In order to further improvethebusiness schoolstudents’ comprehensive quality and strengthen students' perception of employment practice, theBusinessSimulation course fromSZTU Business School successfully held the guest lecture of"Employment Practice and Innovation and Entrepreneurshipfor business simulation" on October 20, 2023.Dr.Yutian Shen, the director of SZTU business simulation centre invited three speakers, Han Zhang, Senior Industry Cooperation Director of ZTE, Yi Yang, Senior Strategic planner of ZTE, and Wenzhe Shi, Product Planning Manager of ZTE to share with the students their experience in workplace etiquette and the development of ZTE's ecological industry chain.

First, Han Zhang, senior Director of industry cooperation at ZTE,shared withstudents about the importance of workplace etiquette in the career development process based on his experience in the industry. Good workplace etiquette is the foundation of successful career development, which is conducive to the establishment of good interpersonal relations and professional quality. In the lecture, Mr. Zhang introduced the practical workplace image and communication etiquette to the students, and the students learned a lot from the interactive questions and answers with Mr. Zhang.

Next, Yi Yang,senior strategic planner of ZTE, shared with the students the examples of the construction of ZTE's industrial ecology. She introduced ZTE's development history and strategic planning, as well as ZTE's layout and innovation practice in the industrialchain and invited the students to attend ZTE's annual innovation events. After the explanation, the students had a deep understanding of ZTE's industrial ecology, deepened their understanding of the field of scientific and technological innovation, and stimulated their interest and enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Finally, the students actively asked questions in the interactive session. When asked about the positions of business students in technology companies such as ZTE, Mr. Wenzhe Shi, product planning manager of ZTE, shared with the students ZTE's future innovation plan and stressed that business students play an indispensable role in technology companies. Students are encouraged to combine business with new technology, constantly expand their knowledge and comprehensive quality, andwillingness to try.

The lecture not only gave students an in-depth understanding of the importance of workplace etiquette and career development, but also learned ZTE's successful practice in industrial ecological construction and product planning. It is believed that in the future study and career, students will continue to make progress with the valuable experience gained from thislecture and continue to explore and advance on the road of career development and innovation and entrepreneurship.

Text:Duo He, Yuying Liu

Photos: Yutian Shen

Review: Yutian Shen