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Company Visit | Shenzhen Fengshi Investment Limited Liability Company

Date:Oct 31, 2023 14:38Source: ClickTimes:

On October 26, 2023, Shenzhen Technology University Business School sent Professor Yang Qiulin and three students on a visit to Shenzhen Fengshi Investment Limited. Established in Shenzhen in November 2015, Shenzhen Fengshi Investment Limited is a private equity fund management company specializing in environmental protection, driven by capital investment and innovative reutilization of resources.

During the visit, Professor Yang Qiulin introduced Shenzhen Technology University's unique talent development program to the company. She highlighted the university's active promotion of collaboration between academia and industry, emphasizing its dedication to practical education. The company's representatives expressed their admiration for this educational approach and showed their support for the university's pedagogical philosophy.

Both parties engaged in in-depth discussions and negotiations concerning potential internships for the university's students. Shenzhen Fengshi Investment Limited expressed a keen interest in establishing a closer partnership with the university, participating in the university's career fairs, and actively recruiting interns from the institution, providing them with practical opportunities and guidance.

Furthermore, discussions revolved around a project related to the utilization of financial products in the carbon trading market. Shenzhen Fengshi Investment Limited demonstrated a strong interest in collaborating with the university to advance this project.

This visit not only provided students with an opportunity to broaden their horizons and enhance their practical skills but also laid a solid foundation for collaboration between the university and the company. The active cooperation between the two entities will contribute to the cultivation of more outstanding business talents and offer additional opportunities and resources for the development of the environmental protection industry and innovative investment.

This successful exchange visit will serve as a driving force for deepening collaboration between Shenzhen Technology UniversityBusiness Schooland Shenzhen Fengshi Investment Limited.

Edit: Wantong Cai

Review: Qulin Yang