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Successful School-Enterprise Cooperation Seminar: "Smart Factories" a Hot Topic

Date:Oct 27, 2023 14:50Source: ClickTimes:

On October 22nd, the School of Business successfully organized a collaborative seminar that brought together representatives from prominent enterprises including IPOL GmbH from Germany, Kashui Group from Hong Kong, Guangxing Group from Guangzhou, and Keli Cloud Whale from Ningbo. The event focused on fostering collaboration between academia and industry, with a special keynote address by Dr. Thomas Rücker, a renowned expert in lean production and logistics from Germany, who spoke on the theme of "Smart Factories."

 Dr. Thomas Rücker, a seasoned expert in lean production and logistics, delivered a captivating keynote speech on the concept of smart factories. His insights into optimizing manufacturing processes using cutting-edge technologies left the audience enlightened and inspired. Dr. Rücker emphasized the importance of embracing innovation and automation in today's competitive business landscape.


Following the keynote address, the event saw intense discussions among the enterprise experts regarding strategies for the intelligent transformation of Chinese factories. These discussions provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in implementing smart manufacturing solutions.

 The highlight of the seminar was the signing of several collaborative agreements between the participating enterprises and the School of Business. These agreements signify a commitment to working together to drive innovation and foster the development of smart factories. It is expected that this collaboration will lead to groundbreaking advancements in manufacturing practices.


Dr. Zhuoqi Ding, expressed her enthusiasm for the successful event, stating, "This seminar exemplifies the importance of collaboration between academia and industry in driving economic growth and technological advancement. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead as we embark on these collaborative journeys."

 The School of Business is committed to further strengthening partnerships with industry leaders and promoting innovation and knowledge exchange in the field of smart manufacturing. This collaborative effort is expected to have a lasting impact on the development of the industry.