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Renowned German Lean Manufacturing and Logistics Expert, Dr. Thomas Rücker, Addresses School of Business Students

Date:Oct 27, 2023 14:47Source: ClickTimes:

Dr. Thomas Rücker, an industrial engineering Ph.D. and a seasoned expert in lean production and logistics, was invited to the School of Business by Assistant Professor Ding Zhuoqi for a series of events on October 21st and 22nd.

On the afternoon of October 21st, at 13:00, Dr. Thomas delivered a lecture on "The Ideal Factory in the Digital and AI Era" in the D3-205 classroom.


Speaker Introduction:

Dr. Thomas Rücker is an industrial engineering Ph.D. and a veteran expert in lean production and logistics. He currently serves as a partner and general manager at IPOL GmbH and is the vice-chairman of Erfurt Automobile Company. 

Lecture Details: 

Date and Time: October 21st, 2023, at 13:00 

Location: D3-205 

About IPOL GmbH:

IPOL GmbH has been providing support to industrial and logistics companies across various industries worldwide since 2006. Initially established as an engineering service provider and consulting firm spun off from the Ilmenau Technical University, it has been managed by its founder and owner. Today, IPOL boasts a multidisciplinary team of 30 process experts, software developers, and operational implementers dedicated to the holistic concept, planning, and implementation of lean material and information flows. To date, IPOL has successfully completed over 600 projects, serving more than 240 clients.


Lecture Highlights: 

Dr. Thomas Rücker's lecture, titled "The Ideal Factory - in Times of Global Dislocation, Pervasive Digitalization, and Artificial Intelligence," covered a range of topics, including:


Global challenges facing the manufacturing industry.

Technological developments as drivers of change.

The concept of the ideal factory.

The path to achieving the ideal factory.

Design principles and methods for the ideal factory, including 32 lean rules.

Plug & Play digitization.

AI decision-making support.

Preparing students with the right qualifications to meet future challenges.

Dr. Rücker's insightful lecture provided students with valuable insights into the evolving landscape of manufacturing, emphasizing the importance of staying adaptable and embracing technology to thrive in the digital and AI-driven era.


The School of Business extends its gratitude to Dr. Thomas Rücker for sharing his expertise and knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of the changing dynamics in the manufacturing industry among the students. This event exemplifies the School's commitment to providing students with opportunities for intellectual growth and engagement with industry leaders.

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