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Dr. Jack WOO Associate Professor celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with the interns and exchanged internship experience

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September 27, 8:30pm to 10:30pm, Dr. Jack WOO's 2020 cohort intern students gathered to share their internship experiences. The exchange session was held in the D3 public discussion area. The sharing session was also an 

important part of the pre-service training for 2021 cohort students. Total 15 students came to listen and communicate. At the beginning of the exchange and sharing meeting, Dr. Jack WOO introduced the origin of corporate internships. In line with the concept of "knowledge and action", the college has always been looking for the combination of theory and practice, and corporate internship is one of the answers that has been explored by applied science education for many years.

In order to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with his classmates, Dr. Jack WOO specially prepared snacks such as mooncakes, green bean soup and fried chicken in advance. At the intern sharing and exchange meeting, the 2021 students thanked the seniors for their sincere sharing, confirming that the corporate internship gave the students a new experience and made the students think further about their future career and development goals. Dr. Jack WOO hopes that students will continue to work hard and apply the results from the internship to their future studies and lives, find the right direction, and continue to move forward. At the same time, interns and others are reminded to pay attention to confidentiality, important affairs in the office should not be disclosed to the outside world, and also pay attention to telephone and email etiquette. For students who plan to conduct their internship in government units, it is necessary to learn the official document format.

This activity answered students' confusion about internship. Through communication with the seniors, the 2021 students have a deeper understanding and clearer goals for future internship planning. The purpose of this internship experience sharing meeting was not only to help the 2021 interns answer the questions of internship company selection, but more importantly, to educate and guide students to plan the direction of internship and maximize the value of internship.

Some of the 2020 seniors shared the following:

Huang Shan: Interns should participate in the internship work as learners, reduce complaints and self-doubt, and when the task is handed over to themselves, we must always do it, and do the assigned things responsibly in order to improve their ability.

Li Shuhang: Interns should sort out the main points of work every day, improve their working methods, and improve their work efficiency.

Cai Xiaodan: Interns should have a correct attitude and take every job seriously. Small things do not mean random disposal, only if you pay attention to it, small things will really become a small "Cai" plate.

Fang Chuliang: Interns and colleagues find common hobbies and common topics with each other. Outside of work, you can build an identity.

Ye Shuting: Internship is a process of accumulating experience, exploring new knowledge, and directly feeling the distance from society.

Zou Xijang: Workplace work is different from student life, it is more about teamwork, learning to get along and collaborate with colleagues of all ages. But we need to stay away from right and wrong and do our job.

Peng Xinyu: Interns need to humbly ask for advice and self-correction. Don't be shy about asking questions, not afraid to make mistakes, and learn to learn from your mistakes.

Guo Zhaodong: Keep an open mind, learn to reflect, and bring sincerity, passion and patience.

Yang Zeyan: On the issue of overtime, if we do not complete our work on a regular basis, overtime is inevitable, which is the sense of responsibility we should have after entering the office.

Yang Zijian: The commuting time is fixed, except for a very small number of overtime, it can be freely arranged, and some people prepare for the transfer qualification certificate (such as CFA, FRM, etc.) during the internship for half a year, or prepare for the postgraduate examination.

Dr. Jack WOO is very pleased to see that all interns have made a qualitative leap, their eyes are shining with confidence, and they are more mature and stable in the world, less immature and more sharp; Less impetuous, more emotional. He wishes the interns can maintain their naked heart, be more tolerant and less narrow-minded; More calmness, less regret; When the heart becomes simple, the days will be happy and confident.

FigureInternship Sharing Sesstion

FigureInternship Sharing Sesstion