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Ms. Zhu Han Shares Experience in Building and Managing Start-up Teams

Date:Oct 7, 2023 16:42Source: ClickTimes:

Shenzhen Technology University's School of Business organized a unique event on September 26, 2023, featuring a special guest, Ms. Zhu Han, who shared her valuable experiences and addressed queries from the students of the School of Business. The event, titled "From 0 to 1: Building and Managing Star Start-up Teams," was successfully held at the Shenzhen Technology University Library.

The featured guest of this sharing session, Ms. Zhu Han, holds a Master's degree in Statistics from the University of Pennsylvania and dual Bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Psychology from UIUC. With 10 years of management experience, she has served as the Head of 2B Product Data at ByteDance and previously held the position of Data Platform Lead at Vanke Group. In addition to her roles, Ms. Zhu Han is also one of the co-founders of Boolean Vectors and serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company.

The event venue was packed to capacity, with Professor Yang Qiulin delivering an enthusiastic opening speech. Following that, Ms. Zhu Han delved into topics such as the concept of teams, essential elements of project management, effective team member management, and key aspects of managing a startup company.

Ms. Zhu Han delivered a speech.

Ms. Zhu Han emphasized the process of starting from scratch for startup teams, stating that the first step is the starting point for success. She encouraged the students in attendance to dare to take action while setting clear goals for their teams and developing feasible long-term budget plans. Lastly, drawing from her academic and professional experience, Ms. Zhu Han patiently addressed the questions raised by her fellow students, providing guidance and clarification for everyone.

Ms. Zhu Han provided guidance and clarification for her fellow students.

This sharing session was an inspiring and highly rewarding event, and the School extends its heartfelt thanks to Ms. Zhu Han for her valuable time and expertise sharing. We look forward to more such beneficial events in the future, providing students with additional academic and career guidance.

(Graphic provider: Wu Qixuan)