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Executive Lecture Series: The Path to CFO in Life

Date:Sep 26, 2023 09:40Source: ClickTimes:

In September 19-20, 2023, Shenzhen Technical University had the privilege of hosting an exceptional guest, Mr. Zhang Yunyuan, Chairman of NanTong MeiYa Relectric Co., Ltd. His visit was marked by not only sharing his illustrious career journey but also delving into the strategies for reaching the pinnacle of the financial field. During these two lectures, he offered profound insights and wisdom.

Mr. Zhang Yunyuan's lectures revolved around the coveted position of CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in the corporate world, often regarded as a dream job for finance professionals. Particularly targeted at students from the business school, the lectures aimed to answer the burning question of how to gain access to the core of financial management. Drawing from his rich experiences, Mr. Zhang provided an in-depth analysis of the career trajectory, showcasing the journey from grassroots financial roles to becoming a CFO. This unique perspective proved invaluable as guidance for the attending students.

Throughout the lectures, Mr. Zhang Yunyuan extensively elaborated on the skills, experiences, and qualifications required to excel as a CFO. His insights not only helped students understand the requisites for the profession but also provided them with concrete references for shaping their career paths.

By dissecting successful CFO case studies, Mr. Zhang Yunyuan offered precious lessons on how to aspire to the CFO position. His case analyses enabled students to grasp the common traits and career trajectories of accomplished CFOs, offering robust guidance for their future professional development.

Lastly, Mr. Zhang Yunyuan shared strategies for career planning and job-seeking techniques, along with recommendations on how to prepare during the university years. These recommendations encompassed a blend of learning and practical experience accumulation, emphasizing staying attuned to industry trends. They provided actionable guidelines for students, helping them embark on their journey towards the CFO role.

In summary, Mr. Zhang Yunyuan's lectures bestowed a valuable opportunity upon the students of Shenzhen Technical University's Business School. It allowed them to closely interact with a leader who has achieved remarkable success in the field of finance. His insights not only inspired students' career aspirations but also equipped them with practical guidance for charting their professional trajectories. The content of Mr. Zhang Yunyuan's lectures was not just a career lecture but also an opportunity to engage with a successful individual, motivating students to relentlessly pursue excellence and scale the heights of the financial domain.

Chen Yuli Written