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Dr. Jack WOO, Associate Professor of Business School, led 47 students from the School of Internet and Big Data to discuss the mysteries of financial technology during the International Teaching Week

Date:Sep 26, 2023 08:33Source: ClickTimes:

On September 11, a week-long 2023 Shenzhen Technology University International Teaching Week officially started. A total of 47 second-year students (IoT, Big Data and Computer Science major students) from the School of Internet and Big Data attended the FinTech 101 course by Dr. Jack WOO, Associate Professor of the School of Business. The course lasts a total of 14 hours and covers FinTech applications, machine learning, AI model construction, training and validation.

In the class, Associate Professor Dr. Jack WOO introduced the development and industry application of financial technology in a vivid and easy-to-understand manner, in particular the principles of supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning and natural language processing and financial industry cases, through detailed interpretation of cases and programming codes, so that students can integrate financial principles and artificial intelligence models, and truly understand the importance of interdisciplinary and industry cognition. In addition, Dr. Jack WOO, Associate Professor, also introduced the use cases and artificial intelligence solutions of Chinese financial companies in detail, and also invited two leaders of Shenzhen Fintech Association to introduce the Fintech Composite Talent Framework, Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Fintech Professional Program, Fintech Summer Camp, etc., and discussed the career development and skill requirements of FinTech talents with the students.

Andrew Li (Cohort 22 Big Data Class 1) Student, "Fintech is very new to me, I took this international course with great curiosity and got a good answer from the professor's lecture. ”

Bill Yang (Cohort 22 IoT 1 Class) Student, "The professor helped us better understand this course through simple examples and in-depth explanations, so that we could better understand the practical application cases in financial institutions and fintech enterprises. ”

Shun Lyu (Cohort 22 Computer class3), "I was particularly impressed by the discussion on machine learning model training. Professor Jack Woo extends the application of financial theory through programming code interpretation, vividly highlights the process of model and algorithm optimization, and then explains to us in depth how to effectively use case code to further transfer learning, leading us step by step to learn new knowledge and stimulating our interest in learning FinTech. ”

Dr. Jack WOO’s introduction in International Week Program

Figure 2: Course Module

Figure 3:  Correlation Matrix

Figure 4: Feature Selection

Figure 5: Yield Curve Prediction