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Successful Conclusion of Codeshare Teaching and Learning Summer School 2023: Igniting International Learning Experience

Date:Sep 1, 2023 11:12Source: ClickTimes:

The three-week event of Codeshare Teaching and Learning Summer School 2023 came to a triumphant close on 18th August. This three-week academic extravaganza provided students with a unique opportunity to engage in 10 courses beyond the regular curriculum, participate in virtual course sessions with international peers, collaborate with international professors in intercultural groups, broaden their international perspectives, enhance English language skills, and establish invaluable international connections.

In this international summer school, three professors from Shenzhen Technology University were responsible for three courses respectively. Prof. Dr. Ding Zhuoqi taught "Introduction to Digital Business" (July 31st to August 4th),Prof. Dr. Zhang Lei taught "Introduction to Securities Enforcement" (August 7th to August 11th), and Prof. Dr. Tommy Yu taught "Commercial Law and International Commercial Arbitration in East Asia" (August 14th to August 17th).

Codeshare Teaching and Learning Summer School 2023 not only delivered an internationalized academic experience to students but also achieved remarkable outcomes in promoting international exchange and collaboration. Students not only achieved academic growth but also formed friendships with peers from around the world, paving the way for broader horizons in their future.

In class

Students feedback:

"This was an exceptional opportunity; I was fortunate to interact with such outstanding international professors. Their perspectives and feedback have had a profound impact on my learning and future development," one student expressed.

The digital business course became one more additional step to my future career and self-development. I am in a habit of taking a lot of courses to be a comprehensive person familiar with plenty of notable topics in today`s climate. A digital business course was full of crucial and up-to-date knowledge. As an international business student can confirm say, that during 5 days we considered a variety of interesting and important economic themes. Our online classes were full of interaction work, discussion, and brainstorming sessions. Coworking in small groups on a final presentation helped me not only learned a specific topic more, but also met people from distinctive countries.”——Yuliia DombrovskaKoblenz University of Applied Sciences

Text: Zhuoqi(Doris) Ding