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Hello, Business School!

Date:Sep 26, 2021 17:49Source: ClickTimes:

On September 15th, the 2021 cohort freshmen participated in a unique "First Lesson" in Room 107. Dean of Business School, Professor Holger Haldenwang made an online video connection with the freshmen. Professor Li Jie introduced the big family of Business School to the Freshmen in detail. Then Secretary Huang Zisong told the audience about learning party history. After this class, everyone was full of energy to enter new semester. Let's take a look!

Due to the epidemic prevention, Dean of Business School Professor Holger Haldenwang chose to meet with the students via video connection. When that kind face appeared on the big screen, everyone was very excited. The Dean encourages students to actively engage into the university environment, participate more in campus activities and face the difficulties encountered in study and life. With the Dean's blessing, everyone will definitely get better and better.

Dean of Business School Professor Holger Haldenwang

Professor Li Jie introduced the majors, training objectives and future prospects of the Business School. Through his speech, I believe that the students have a deeper understanding of their learning direction. Then, everyone officially met with experienced teachers who will help freshmen to engage into university life more quickly. The eyes of the students are shining with longing for the future life

Professor Li Jie

The ideological and political course lectured by Secretary Huang Zisong can be described as "unusual". His topic is about the "success formula" S=(DMDO)^P, showing us the great achievements of China's development, and then reviewing the glorious history of the Chinese Communist Party. This successfully reminded us the revolutionary martyrs who made great contributions and inspired us that young people must work hard, keep their mission in mind, and look forward to the future.

Secretary Huang Zisong

The peer tutors

The 2021 cohort freshmen

The golden Autumn and September brings you vigorous and energetic people to the Business School. Seeing you dressed in the new BS uniforms to attend the meeting energetically, we are sincerely feeling glad. What you expect from the Business School is exactly what this big family expects of you. The Business School will always be your home, your backing, and will always be proud of each of you.

Everyone in the Business School has unlimited potential. Business School is a great start to your own larger world. Like the early sun in the morning, you must always think about the future and never forget “Stay hungry, stay foolish”.

WORDS: Yao Jiatong , Liu Shangjinyi

PHOTOS; Huang Shiyi, Zeng Lina