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Six teams from the Business School won the business negotiation award

Date:Dec 1, 2021 18:53Source: ClickTimes:

The 2021 National University Business Elite Challenge Business negotiation Competition and Global Business negotiation Competition was successfully concluded on November 15,2021. After the online evaluation of the evaluation committee, a total of 171 awards, 16 best college organization awards, and the champion, second and third place were selected.

Competition process:

1. The participating institutions fill in and submit the registration form

2. After receiving the registration form, the organizing committee will send the information of knowledge contest to the main contact person of the application form. The participating schools will prepare for the knowledge contest, and after the knowledge contest, the organizing committee will send business negotiation cases to the application teams

3. National Preliminary Competition: Each team shall write and submit the plan according to the negotiation case

4. The organizing Committee will announce the notification of finalists for the national finals

5. National Finals

Under the guidance of Ding Zhuoqi, Cheng Yun and Cheah Chee Wei, six teams from the SZTU won the first, second and third prizes respectively, and Shenzhen Technology University also won the Best College Organization Award.


Event results:

1.Dawei Tianlong Team (Pan Siyu, Lin Yiling, Zheng Shuling, Li Mingyuan, Wu Peiheng) Team Instructor: Cheng Yun, Ding Zhuoqi

In the national final of business negotiations, the team won the "first prize"


(The picture shows the team leader Pan Siyu student award form, taking this as an example)

2.infinite (Chen Yiman, Li Xintong, Zheng Ruoxin) Team Instructor: Ding Zhuoqi

In the national final of business negotiations, the team won the "second prize"


(The picture shows the award-winning form of the team leader Chen Yiman, taking this as an example)

3.Legend hegemony (Pan Shuyi, Ye Shuting, Li Shuhang, Yu Jianning) instructor: Ding Zhuoqi

In the national final of business negotiations, the team won the "second prize"


(The picture shows the team leader Pan Shuyi award, take this as an example)

4.We are both "right "(Luo Chuni, He Jiahong, Zheng Xiaoyu, Chen Miaosen, Li Jiyao) instructor: Ding Zhuoqi

In the national final of business negotiations, the team won the "third prize"


(The picture shows the award of team leader Luo Chui, this as an example)

5.0.98 (Ding Jinjin, Zeng Lina, Li Huiru, Zhang Min) Instructor: Cheah Chee Wei

In the national final of business negotiations, the team won the "third prize"


(The picture shows the team leader Ding Jinjin award, taking this as an example)

6.Panda Team (Chen Wanyi, Weng Ziman, Zhang Shuang, Yan Guodong, Jin Zijing) Instructor: Ding Zhuoqi

In the national final of business negotiations, the team won the "third prize"


Acceptance speech

Dawei Tianlong Team: Everyone in our group is very happy to win the first prize in this competition, even a little bit of disbelief. After only 30 minutes of negotiation, we didn't even have time to show the financial data and bidding plan we prepared, but we finally won the first prize. During the preparation period, we thought about a lot of details. I believe that this competition will bring us much more than this certificate. We have gained more knowledge about business and negotiation, and also felt the warmth between the team. Just as Teacher Luo Xiang said: awards are like flowers and plants, eventually will wither. It was in the past when we won the prize, so it's more important that we live each and every day with certainty and expectation.

Legend hegemony:"Legend hegemony" has been full of joy since the team. Whether in the preliminary answer and the preparation and discussion of the final, our team’s atmosphere is very relaxed and happy, which is also an important reason for us to win this honor, of course, the most inseparable from the efforts of every member.The courage to speak your own thoughts and thinking seriously about a problem are all unforgettable memories in the preparation process.The final routine of the final was unexpected, very nervous, afraid we couldn't cope with it, but we still stabilized!We have already surpassed ourselves in this race!

We are both"right":First of all, we are very honored to win the prize in this business negotiation competition. We would like to thank the business school leaders and teachers for their support and for giving us the opportunity to show ourselves. The competition lasted for more than two months, from knowledge competition, planning to real negotiation, we have achieved today's results step by step, which is inseparable from the sincere cooperation between team members. From the name of our team "We are both right", we can see that team members have interesting souls. During the negotiation, we firmly believed that "the brave man wins when confronted with narrow obstacles". Facing the aggressive opponent, we chose to grasp the nettle, leaving no opportunity for the opponent from the beginning to the end, and finally achieved good results.

This competition for us, is a new attempt, thanks to the guidance of teachers and seniors put forward suggestions, let us continue to improve their own negotiation book, continuous progress! Once again, congratulations to the business school students on your success. I hope you will be able to overcome all obstacles in the future.

Text and Photos: Ye Shuting