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2021 New Students, Welcome to BS Family!

Date:Sep 16, 2021 18:05Source: ClickTimes:

The 2021 freshmen from all over the country had arrived in campus and have been a member of the Business School. Teachers and students of the Business School have done a lot of preparation work for their coming. The Business School Gift Pack is their love for freshmen.

President Ruan and Deputy Party Secretary Zhang also came to the booth of the Business School bringing warm greetings to everyone!

Here are some freshmen with their smiling faces!

Freshmen have a lot of thoughts and prospects. Let's listen to it togetherthe voice of 2021 freshmen!

Li Xiao from Class 3 International Business: "It has been two days since I officially joined Shenzhen Technology University! When I first came here, with the help of seniors, I successfully completed the registration and sat on the bed in the dormitory in less than half an hour.The clean and comfortable environment has eliminated my nervousness and anxiety. The food in the canteen is not only delicious but also rich in variety, which satisfies my infinite yearning for food!My roommates, and school logistics staff have given me a lot of help. Coming to the University is like coming to a warm family. All these make me look forward to every day here in the future.

Huang Yinuo from Class 2 International Business: Stepping into the campus of Shenzhen Technology University , there are modern buildings  surrounded by wonderful views and green mountains. The dormitory is very new, equipped with private bathroom. Canteen facilities are advanced and the dishes are also very rich in viariety. Our teachers from Business School seem to be very nice and patient. Thanks a lot for all of your warmly welcome and help! 

Welcome again to join the BS family and let's create a bright furture together! 

Photos: Chen Wanyi, Luo Chuni

Content: Li Jinling, Yao Jiatong