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The Seminar on Future Development of 2019 Industrial Design (Design Economics) Students

Date:May 21, 2021 10:04Source: ClickTimes:

In order to help students to better plan their career development and make preparation of postgraduate entrance examination, 2019 Industrial Design (Design Economics) Students held a symposium in the Western District Restaurant on May 14, 2021. The seminar was hosted by the Professor Ding Zhuoqi and Associate Professor Wang Junfeng and Professor Du Hemin from the College of Creative Design were invited to discuss the future career development and answer questions for students. All members of 2019 Industrial Design (Design Economics) Students joined the seminar.


Left: Assistant Professor Ding Zhuoqi,Middle: Associate Professor Wang Junfeng,Right: Professor Du Hemin

At the symposium, the students had a cordial talk with Professors about their future planning after graduation and their perplexities in study and life.

First of all, Professor Du answered the question of how to do a good design. "Improving basic design skills is essential." No expression ability means no design, but having expression ability does not means you can design,unless you have solid basic design ability . There are two basic abilities in the design, one is the hand drawing ability, the other is the computer ability. In addition, Professor Du mentioned, "taking part in more competitions". Students are able to improve their design ability in the competition, apply the knowledge learned in the course. At the same time, Professor Du pointed out that "Pay attention to details, good details can tell story to customers.”

Then Associate Professor Wang provided some guidance for students on postgraduate entrance examination and career development, like planning and preparing in advance and suggest doing some academic research in their spare time to improve their competitiveness in the interview. At the same time, Associate Professor Wang pointed out that showing a sense of social responsibility will help. In contrast, students who want to take the postgraduate entrance exam in China are encouraged to participate in a certain project funded by a certain fund or win an award. Secondly, it is necessary to make it clear the future development goals. Associate  Professor Wang introduced the career development of interaction design and product design to the students, and suggested to go to human resources and recruitment websites to learn the skills required for specific positions.

The communication of this symposium not only solved the students' problem about the future plan, but also stimulated the students' positive and enterprising creativity. I believe that with the help of professors, students will surely find a correct direction for their future development, improve their ability and better realize their value.

Text: Xia Yongqi, Tan Haiyi

Photos: Li Jiaxin, Sun Yijia