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The Q&A Seminar of International Business Program

Date:May 13, 2021 08:39Source: ClickTimes:

On 13th April, the Q&A seminar of International Business Program was held in Room 119, aiming at improving students’ understanding about their major and development prospects.

The activity was hosted by Assistant Prof. Zhuoqi Ding. Prof. Gordana Kierans, Assoc Prof. Cheah Chee Wei, Assoc Prof. Hua Wang Assistant Prof. Jinyi Zhang, Assistant Prof. Leqin Chen, Ms Fanli Tang and Ms Minyi Liang attended the seminar.

Part one: Speech Session

Addressing the meeting, Prof. Gordana Kierans analyzed the challenges and advantages of English Program, she encouraged the students to actively overcome language barrier.

In Assistant Prof. Zhuoqi Ding’s speech, she explained the following issues: What’s the demand and the employment prospects for managerial talent under the background of ongoing globalization? Why is international business particularly worthwhile studying in this context? Why is Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area an ideal place to study and work? In addition, she pointed out the directions of further study for International Business program students in terms of national education environment in the Q&A session.

Assistant Prof. Leqin Chen shared his personal experience abroad and explained International Business program from a more international perspective. He said the undergraduate education of international business focused on cultivating students' logical thinking and practical ability, learning actively is significant in academic progress.

Part two: Q&A session

During the Q&A session, the Business School students actively interacted with the professor team. Professors answered the questions raised by the students one by one, pushing the atmosphere of the activity to a climax.

As for students’ confusion in the three directions of International Business program. Assoc Prof. Cheah Chee Wei, Assoc Prof. Hua Wang and Assistant Prof. Jinyi Zhang gave professional guidance.Students from International Business program were motivated a lot through the one and half hour activity, they will take the valuable advices from professors and work harder in the future study!

Editor: Doris Ding

Cotent: Yu Jianning, Tang Jiefeng