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The school-enterprise cooperation conference was successfully held between SZTU and Kashui Group

Date:Jul 25, 2022 14:37Source: ClickTimes:

On July 12th, the school-enterprise cooperation conference between Shenzhen Technology University and Kahui Group was successfully held in meeting room101, block 8, Kashui Science Park.

Prof. Holger Haldenwang(Dean of Business School), Prof. Zhuoqi Ding(Business School), Prof. Franz Raps(Dean of College of Urban Transportation and Logistics), Prof. Peigang Han(Dean of College of New Materials and New Energies) , Prof. Lixin Liang (College of Big Data and Internet), Prof.Liquan Li(College of Creative Design),Prof. Peng jia and Mustafa (Quality and Standards Academy) attended the meeting on behalf of SZTU.

Norman Chan, Director of kashui Group, General manager Huishan Yu, Mr. Chaohua Tian, Head of Green Print Transportation Ltd, Ms. Ruifen Zeng, deputy general manager of Kashui Small Appliances, and other heads of new business direction(automotive lightweight materials, bacteria-repelling plastics) attended the meeting on behalf of Kashui Group.

At the meeting, the two sides reached the negotiation objectives of communication on product design, brand promotion, big data management, industrial expansion, new materials and new technology, industrial standards, human resource management and other aspects

Afterwards, the expert team of SZTU visited the product exhibition hall , the new energy automobile parts exhibition hall, and the minibus test site , they put forward different opinions and suggestions on the product shape design, research and development cycle, product structure, quality system and evaluation standard.

The meeting is a complete success. We look forward to the continuous development of school-enterprise cooperation between the two sides.

Doris Ding