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Visit to a hidden champion: Rehm thermal systems

Date:Jul 8, 2022 17:07Source: ClickTimes:

What do the world-famous companies Huawei or Apple have to do with a German hidden champion? They are simply dependent on the technological knowledge and high quality standards of the German company REHM. REHM is the world market leader in the production of machines of customized reflow soldering systems. Without these machines, no electronic parts could be installed for all kinds of applications be it in cell phones, automobiles, medical equipment, airplanes or in the power electronic industry.

Two deans of SZTU, Prof. Franz Raps from the College of Urban Transportation and Logistic and Prof. Holger Haldenwang from the Business School had visited the German branch of REHM Thermal Systems in Dongguan to explore possible cooperation with SZTU. Rehm was founded 30 years ago and has meanwhile become the world market leader in this market niche and is represented worldwide. All world-renowned manufacturers of electronic parts are supplied from Dongguan, for example to solder the chips with the corresponding plug-in cards.

During this visit, which was arranged at the recent meeting at SZTU with the German Chamber of Commerce for China, the plant manager Ralph Wagenführ and his assistant Viktoria Neményi discussed the production of the machines and also intensive opportunities for cooperation with several colleges of SZTU, such as well as College of New Energy and New Materials and College of Big Data and Internet, in a tour.

Photo & text: Holger Haldenwang

Translation: Liang Minyi