Cultivation of Talents

Successful project between three Design Economics students and BS dean´s office.

Date:Jul 5, 2022 16:01Source: ClickTimes:

In search of a new logo, the Business School first approached several companies and then, in addition, some interested students of the course Deisgn Economic, developed jointly with the College of Design and Innovation. Three students of this course Tan Haiyi (Rebecca), He Xinying (Xenia) and Yang Yaqi (Sherry) took on this task and then developed a very good logo and even additionally a Business School Brand Book. With the help of this manual, basic rules and examples are now shown how to use the logo, colors, graphic design and various typographies in a coherent view.

It is important to use all the essential key elements of SZTU BS in a correct and consistent way in order to have innovative, individual and multi-dimensional expressions of a powerful brand message and at the same time to ensure the uniformity of the brand and to avoid contradictions in the visual perception of the brand identity.

In all respects, BS is deeply indebted to the three students and is proud to have such outstanding students whose work is a model of successful student collaboration.

Left to right: He Xinying (Xenia), Holger Haldenwang,Yang Yaqi (Sherry),Tan Haiyi (Rebecca)

Text: Holger Haldenwang