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职务 Associate Professor


 Zhang Yahui



Full name:Zhang Yahui  
Position:Associate Professor
College:SZTU Business School



Personal Profile

Dr. Zhang Yahui received her PhD from Xi’an Jiaotong University, and is Associated Professor, Shenzhen High-level Talent.

In 2013-2022, Dr. Zhang worked at China Merchants Bank. First as postdoctoral research fellow for 2 years, and was responsible for marketing and recognition of non-bank financial institution customers since 2015. She has a profound understanding about the co-opetition relationship between non-bank financial institutions and commercial banks, and a good knowledge about the development and regulation trend of commercial banks’ investment bank and financial market businesses.

Her research area covers corporate finance and behavioral finance. She has published more than 10 papers on CSSCI/SSCI indexed journals.

Representative publications

•A Model of Media’s Effect on Reported Stock’s Market Performance: from the Investor Attention Perspective, Operations Research and Management Science, 2019

•Boundary Conditions of the Curvilinear Relationship between ECSR Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility and New Product Performance: Evidence from China, Sustainability, 2019.

•The Impact of Innovative Behavior by Different Pay Contracts: An Experiment Evidence, Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management,2015

•Impact of media on stock returns: An in-depth empirical study in China,Chinese Management Studies,2013.

•Media-effect on Stock Returns: Risk Premium or Over-attention Underperformance, Journal of Financial Research, 2011.