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职务 Assistant Professor


Chen Leqin


Full name:Chen Leqin 
Position:Assistant Professor
College:SZTU Business School


Personal Profile

Dr. Chen holds a Ph.D in Economics from Fordham University in the United States. With more than four years international financial industry working experiences, Dr. Chen worked at Morgan Stanley (New York), MUFG Group (New York) as well as PingAn Insurance Group in Shenzhen. Throughout his professional career, he led the the research teams devoted to various fields including but not limit to mortgage products risk modeling, stress testing methodologies of securitized products and corporate early warning system development, e.t.c

In addition to his Ph.D, Dr. Chen also obtained a bachelor degree in international business, a bachelor degree in Marketing and a M.A. degree in economics. From 2014 to 2019, he taught at Fordham University and served as teaching fellow and adjunct professor in the economics department. Dr. Chen had publication in core journal “China Journal of Commerce”.

Research interests: International Economics, Credit Risk Modeling, application of machine learning algorithms in Fin-tech and economics.

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