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Visiting Excellent Company Elrad, Opening New Chapter of Cooperation

Date:Jan 4, 2024 17:14Source: ClickTimes:

On the morning of December 22, 2023, Deputy Dean of the School of Business ,Associate Professor Cheng Yun, , Professor Hak and Administrative secretary Liang Minyi went to the Third Industrial Zone of Tiantou Village, Hengli Town, Dongguan City, visited ElradDongguan. (hereinafter referred to as Elrad) for in-depth discussion on school-enterprise cooperation. Attending the seminar were General Manager Ding Yunchao (first from right), Chief Financial Officer Li Qiang (second from right), Supply Chain Manager Liu Jing (third from right) and Human Resources Manager Liang Yan.

First of all, Elrad expressed a warm welcome for the visit of the Business School and the urgent need for cooperation between the two sides, and then Elrad General Manager Ding Yunchao gave a detailed introduction of the company. In terms of main business. Elrad Group has more than 20 years of experience in the electronic manufacturing service industry, providing electronic component development, injection molding, tool manufacturing, cable manufacturing and other aspects of the service, to achieve the final mass production of printed circuit board components or various finished products.

We pay highly attention to the marketing, business model and operation status of enterprises, and investigate whether enterprises can provide students with a good career development platform.

In terms of the market, Elrad’s customers cover the power tools, home appliances, Internet of Things, horticulture, medical and automotive industries, most of which are well-known leading companies in the industry, such as Bosch, Miele, HELLR, BMZ, etc. It is commendable that Elrad has 5 branches in Dongguan China, Slovenia, Serbia, Mexico and other places in the world, with an annual revenue of 257 million euros, which is a strong industrial manufacturing

Subsequently, we visited the company under the leadership of Mr. Ding, inspected the production line and working environment of the company, and deeply understood the production and operation conditions of the company. After the meeting, the two sides reached a consensus that they will launch multi-faceted, deep and long-term school-enterprise cooperation in the near future, including student internship and employment, executive training, horizontal research projects and brand marketing projects.

Look forward to in-depth cooperation with more excellent enterprises like Elrad in the future!

Photo and text: Liang Minyi