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The 14th National Collegiate Market Research and Analysis Competition Pre-Competition Training Successfully Concluded

Date:Nov 29, 2023 13:14Source: ClickTimes:

Shenzhen, 26th and 27th November 2023 - ThenewBusinessstudio of Shenzhen Technology University successfully hosted the pre-competition training for the 14th National Collegiate Market Research and Analysis Competition. The enriching training, invited by Ms. Ding Zhuoqi and led by Dr. Zhang Jinyi, a Doctor of Finance, aimed to deepen contestants' understanding of the competition requirements and rules, and enhance their market research and analysis skills.

The training covered a comprehensive range of topics, including competition process arrangement, topic selection strategy, survey methods, data collection, and market analysis methods. Through two focused training sessions, the participants acquired practical market survey and analysis skills, significantly supporting their outstanding performance in the National Collegiate Market Research and Analysis Competition.

Dr. Zhang Jinyi, the speaker, a Doctor of Finance, post-doctorate, and Certified Public Accountant, was previously a "Qing Bai" lecturer at the School of Economics of Guangdong University of Technology and has published papers in several international academic journals. Her extensive experience and insightful lectures provided a valuable learning opportunity for the contestants.

The training outline focused on key areas such as competition rules, team formation and division of labor, topic selection strategies, survey methods and data collection techniques, and the application of data analysis and theoretical models. This training not only enhanced the professional skills of the participants but also laid a solid foundation for their academic and career development.

The training took place on November 26th and 27th, 2023, in classroom D3-205A at Shenzhen Technology University, attracting many students interested in market research and analysis.

Text: Doris Ding