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External Expert Lecture Series: Galloping Through the Business Seas - On Academic Choices, Career Development, and Skill Cultivation"

Date:Nov 14, 2023 09:57Source: ClickTimes:

On the evening of Thursday, November 9, 2023, to assist students in defining their academic and career paths and skill development, Business School hosted a lecture on academic choices and skill development at D3-205A. Professor Jiang Qingyun of the Business School invited Mr. Xia Zeliang, Vice President of Shenzhen Batar Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., to share knowledge on these topics with the students.

Mr. Xia Zeliang, with his extensive work experience in several large corporations and a wealth of business expertise in B2B, B2C, and B2G operations, shared his profound practical understanding and experiences in brand operation, marketing, and international market expansion.

Shenzhen Batar Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd is a major gold jewelry company from manufacturing, wholesale to retail and several other financial investments,which is generally regarded as the representative of "Precision" and "Credibility" in the industry.

In the lecture, Mr. Xia delved into critical issues in education, career choice, and skill development for business students. He began by reflecting on his career, emphasizing the significance of business knowledge, mindset, and ethical practice. He pointed out that professions such as sales, marketing, business management, or new media operations require in-depth understanding and mastery.

Mr. Xia underscored the importance of a deep understanding of market demands and diverse skill sets in a dynamic business environment, such as language proficiency, copywriting, data analysis, graphic design, and new media operation skills. He noted that market insight, including a thorough understanding of the macro-environment, industry dynamics, customer needs, competitors, and market opportunities, is essential for every business professional.

Additionally, Mr. Xia discussed important strategies for job selection and career development, like choosing the right platform, mentors, peers, and professional paths. He particularly stressed the importance of learning and practice, as well as maintaining discipline in the workplace.

As the lecture drew close to the end, Mr. Xia engaged the students in a Q&A session, discussing the gold industry's prospects and its current state, and answering questions about job hunting and personal development plans with detail and patience.

He concluded by encouraging the students with these words: "To excel in the business world, one must not only accumulate knowledge but also be brave in practice and continuous innovation. Remember, it is by transcending oneself that one can create exceptional value. It's the youth who dare to dream that change the world!"