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Business School Joins Forces with Zhilian to Create a Job Guidance Feast for 2023

Date:Nov 13, 2023 14:24Source: ClickTimes:

In the morning of 10th November, the Business School of Shenzhen University of Technology ushered in a unique career guidance and resume diagnosis activity, inviting three senior mentors fromZhilian(Shenzhen) to provide an in-depth service for nearly 100 students from the second to fourth year of the business school. During the activity, the three tutors patiently and carefully revised the students' resumes and provided them with professional career planning advice, so that the students could compete more easily in the workplace.

The event kicked off at 9 a.m., with the three teachers taking turns sitting down to conduct one-on-one resume corrections with students. Each teacher carefully considered the individual circumstances of the students' resumes, imparting professional knowledge with a friendly demeanor. The resumes of the students were filled with traces of the carefully guided modifications, indicating that they had taken a solid step forward in their career paths. This resume correction feast continued until 5:20 p.m., providing students with substantial benefits.

At 3:50 p.m., Zhilian, in addition to extra three teachers, extended an invitation to an experienced teacher to host a seminar on university employment trends. The content covered the development trends of both popular and niche industries. The teacher not only analyzed the development data of various industries for the students but also provided targeted advice for their job-seeking directions, guiding students to clarify their personal development paths. The session focused on explaining the main processes of campus recruitment, recruitment test questions, and coping techniques, revealing effective methods for students to face challenges.

Throughout the entire event, students actively participated and highly praised the suggestions made by the teachers. This employment guidance and resume diagnosis event provided a platform for business school students to engage in deep communication with industry professionals, helping them better understand the demands of the job market and enhance their competitiveness in job hunting.

The college hopes that through such activities, it can further promote the improvement of students' employment capabilities and pave a broader path for their professional careers. Looking forward, the Business School of Shenzhen Technical University will continue to collaborate with various resources to provide students with more practical and professional employment guidance services.

Foto,Text: Zhao Jinglin

Review: Yang Qiulin