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Business School students Visited the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Date:Nov 13, 2023 09:51Source: ClickTimes:

On October 24th and 31st, 2023, as the practicalpartof the "Monetary and Financial Studies" course, Financial Management studentsof2022 cohort visited the Investor Education Base of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

The tour covered the evolution of major global capital markets, the development of the Chinese capital market, the growth and innovation of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, an overview of the Shenzhen securities market, and investor services in the Shenzhen market. Through various forms such as paper stocks, bonds, documents, securities, historical photos, and multimedia exhibition, students gained an understanding of the basics of the securities market, enhanced their risk awareness, and improved their financial literacy.

Interactive elements such as the Xiaoping's Southern Tour scene restored by iFlytek voice, dome interaction, securities knowledge competition, ID card query of transaction history, and VR bell-ringing experience provided students with a lively and immersive experience. At the end of the tour, the video "A Day at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange" vividly displayed thetimetable of themain work of various departments in the exchange, presenting the key issues in maintaining the normalfunction of the capital market from a regulatory perspective, which helped deepen the students’ understanding of related issues.

After the tour, some students expressed that although they could notexplore how the exchange examines the anomalies of themarket due to information confidentiality requirements, thework environment of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was very different from their imagination. There was no bustling trading hall, ringing telephones, or flashing stock price changes, but instead, large screens displaying market data and a quietbut seriousworking environment. All of these demonstrated the tremendous impact and transformation that the development of information technology has had on the capital market business and environment.

Text: Zhang Yahui