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Business school students visit Shenzhen Gift Exbihition

Date:Nov 2, 2023 15:53Source: ClickTimes:

On October 21st, business School organizedclassteacher and students to visit Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center to visit the 31st Shenzhen Gift Exhibition. This exhibition provides a valuable opportunity for students from the business school to communicate and cooperate with businesses from all over the country to expand their business horizons.

First of all, the Shenzhen Gift Fair is huge, showcasing the latest products and technologies from all walks of life. Whether it is home goods, electronic equipment, textiles or food and beverage, you can find a variety of options at the exhibition. Students are able to touch, experience and understand these products themselves, bringing great inspiration and inspiration. In this exhibition, business school students came to close access to the upstream production end of products and felt the power of digital technology. In the process of experiencing and understanding my favorite types of exhibitors, I learned the sales and promotion model, understood the industry trends and market information, and accumulated experience.

In addition, the gift show also held a series of forums and seminars. Deep understanding of the industry trends and the latest developments, and face-to-face contact with professionals will allow students to learn a lot of valuable knowledge, which will have a positive impact on the career development of business school students.

Joining the Shenzhen Gift Fair is a very useful experience. It not only exposes students to the latest products and technologies in China, but also provides an opportunity to expand business relationships and markets. It is believed that the students of business School can enrich their experience in the exhibition, through diversified thinking, improve their ability in social practice, load their bags, and go to a further and brighter future.

Written by: Yu Xi

Edited by: Xu Xin