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Market Forecast and Early Career Design

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On October 24th 2023, senior executives and business leaders from HRnetOne, a brand under the famous Singapore-listed HR recruitment and staffing Company HRnetGroup, visited our school to share their insights with students and provide professional suggestions on students’ early career design.

Market Forecast and Talent Overview

Mr. Maverick Tan is the Business Leader of HRnetOne in South China and has more than 17 years of talent recruitment experiences. He used data to show current economic development and market forecast on global talent demand and supply. He highlighted current trends in China and shared the challenges students might encounter by taking a professional perspective and encouraged students to start career planning early based on their own characteristics.

Early Career Design

Ms. Frances Li Ms. is a Business Partner in Shenzhen and have over 10 years of experiences in the consumer and retail industry. She shared her insights on how to get prepared in such a competitive and volatile era and encouraged students to develop themselves gradually. She suggested that when facing uncertainties in the macro-environment, students should not focus on things that they couldn’t control but on the capabilities that they should/could build.

Based on her own career journey and management experience, Frances shared her insights on the key characteristics, skills, and qualities a successful HR consultant usually presents. She recommended students to participate in corporate internships,extracurricular activities as much as possible to gain knowledge. She also encouraged students to communicate actively with corporate professionals and alumni to learn different perspectives on what actually happens in the workplace. Further, she advised students to keep an open mind and take actions when facing challenges. To design one’s career, she suggested students to think about two aspects. First is interests. Second is how to analyze information by looking into a company’s continuous performance as well its value and management philosophy.

HRnetOne’s Talent Development Model

Ms. Justine Li is a senior consult at HRnetOne Shenzhen. She shared her journey with the company and how she grew from an intern to a senior consultant. She encouraged our students to be brave when facing challenges and try to build character as well as developing professional skills along the process.

After the sharing, all guest speakers had an in-depth interactive session with the students on site. Discussions were held on various aspects such as candidate personality, career development plans, career path in the company and the skill sets required.

About HRnetOne

HRnetOne is a brand of HRnetGroup which was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Singapore. HRnetGroup has over 1,000 consultants spread across 15 Asian cities and is now a leading recruitment and staffing company in Asia.

Photo by: Yifan XU

Written by:Mengcon WANG

Edited by: Hao CHEN