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Comporate Visit | Associate Professor Jack Woo led the business students to visit Huawei's Songshan Lake South Base and Xiliu Beipo Village Business Park (European town)

Date:Aug 11, 2023 18:43Source: ClickTimes:

Recently, Associate Professor Jack Woo led three second-year international business students from the School of Business to visit Huawei's Songshan Lake South Base and Xiliu Beipo Village Business Park(European town). Mr. Shao Dong, head of the facility management team, and Ms. Chen Shu financial manager, of Cushman & Wakefield Vanke Service, a third-party service provider in the CD area of Huawei's Songshan Lake South Base warmly welcomed the teachers and students of Shenzhen Technology University, and explained in detail the scope and importance of facility management of Songshan Lake to Huawei’s operations. In order to ensure the smooth production and operation, in addition to daily repair and maintenance works, the facility team also needs to provide the owner with facility asset planning and quality assurance plan, achieve energy conservation and emission reduction goals through innovation, and create a warm facility management service.

Chen Xuan, Jack Woo, Shao Dong, Wang Xinyan and Huang Tongxi (from left to right)

Cushman & Wakefield Vanke Service is a joint venture between Vanke Property and Cushman & Wakefield, which provides commercial property and facility management services in China and globally. Cushman & Wakefield Vanke Service provides professional services tomore than 1,140 commercial projects in 149 cities in China. The company's main business includes:

     Property Management

     Integrated Facility Management

     Asset Management

In the afternoon, Associate Professor Jack Woo and students also visited Huawei's Xiliu Beipo Village Business Park (European town). Dr. Lily Miao, Head of Huawei's Space Planning and Management Department, and her colleagues warmly received the teachers and students. Dr. Lily Miao interacted with the students, discussed and compared different contract types of facility management outsourcing services, as well as the standard facility management contract elements. Through interactive questions and mock bidding exercises, students learned about the factors affecting contract execution, such as project positioning, equipment warranty period and scope, asset life cycle, baseline construction, saving and sharing, and risk management fees. After the meeting, the students took an in campus train to visit the Xiliu Beipo Village Business Park (European town).

Jack Woo and Dr. Lily Miao

Designed by Mr. Jin Feng, the entire Xiliu Beipo Village Business Park (European town) has a variety of architectural styles, including various mainstream cultures and architectural styles in western Europe. There are 12 districts in the park: Oxford (Zone A), Bruges (Zone B), Luxembourg (Zone C), Windermere (Zone D), Granada (Zone E), Paris (Zone F), Verona (Zone G), Kronlov (Zone H), Fribourg (Zone J), Burgundy (Zone K), Heidelberg (Zone L) and Bologna (Zone M). Xiliu Beipo Village Business Park (European town) is known as the "Huawei R&D Headquarters" by the industry.

Picture/Text: Jack WOO