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BS Forum | Analysis of Supply Chain Financing Business in Banks

Date:Jun 25, 2023 09:22Source: ClickTimes:

On the afternoon of June 13, invited by Dr. Liu Gang, Mr. Liao Zhongwei, General Manager of the Credit Department of the Shenzhen Bay Branch of CMBC, gave a practical lecture on the topic of bank supply chain financing for the teachers and students of the business school.

First of all, Mr. Liao introduced the current economic environment, explaining the concept of M1 and M2, the scissors difference between M2 and M1, and the scissors difference between M2 and M2. Then, he pointed out the essence and necessity of supply chain financing from the perspective of small medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises, respectively. By explaining the supply chain model of BYD and the "1+N" factoring model of Bull Group, Mr. Liao introduced the main varieties of supply chain finance to the students and showed the means of enterprise risk control from the credit risk management process, credit rating and credit approval framework. Finally, in the Q&A session, the students actively asked questions, and Mr. Liao patiently answered the questions raised by the students present.

Supply chain financing helps to reduce the liquidity risk of enterprises, improve production efficiency and accelerate business development. This lecture expanded students' extracurricular knowledge, helped them to further understand the supply chain financing business, and improved their understanding and practical ability of supply chain financial management.

Picture 1. Mr. Liao was delivering his lecture

Picture 2. A student asked questions to Mr. Liao

Text/Picture: Wu Qixuan

Proof: Liu Gang