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Internship Visit I Jack WOO, Associate Professor of Business School visited Zou Xirang, an intern at Huizhou SF Company

Date:Jun 19, 2023 17:19Source: ClickTimes:

Internship is an important part of college students' practice. They study and work in real enterprises and feel the work of enterprises in real situations. The process of applying theoretical knowledge in work can help students learn and grow better and improve their application ability. The purpose of the internship is to further cultivate their professional level, skills of getting along with people, teamwork spirit, potential to deal with others, etc., especially the practical work potential of observation, analysis and problem solving through the combination of theory and practice, personal and social communication, so as to improve their practical potential and comprehensive quality, and hope to help themselves integrate into society more smoothly in the future and invest in their own work.

Zou Xirang participated in the 6-month internship planning of the New Eagle Program in Huizhou SF Company. New Eagle Program is a college student project carried out by SF Express company in order to pre-train future managers who identify with SF Express culture and are familiar with SF Express business. SF New Eagle Program is a college student talent program launched by SF to cultivate future managers who recognize SF's culture and are familiar with SF's business. It is mainly to provide a systematic development path for outstanding college students. Experience the different positions of SF, and accumulate practical experience through the experience of grassroots positions such as collection and dispatch, warehouse management, and sales.

Zou Xirang's current main task is to get familiar with the grassroots business. In the first four months, he has experienced the basic business, learned and practiced the grassroots business and operation process of SF Express. The basic business of SF Express is divided into two kinds. One is the direct processing, recovery and delivery of express goods. The other is to control the processing of the express by the front-line personnel in the warehouse, control the various assessment data indicators given in the warehouse, and the processing of the express in the warehouse. During the internship, Zou Xirang learned the working process of first-line employees, how to send the express goods back to the warehouse, various operating rules, the working process and assessment indicators of second-line warehouse staff, the use of the company's various management systems to inquire orders, deal with abnormal situations, monitor data, and learn other course contents. He said that SF Express to learn a lot of content, SF Express company has a very mature IT management system, covering the company in addition to the business system, learning, salary, communication, assessment, and other aspects of the company involved. In addition, he also gradually tried to find and treat problems from the perspective of the person in charge of the branch, communicate with grassroots employees, and establish good cooperative relations. And he also has an understanding: management only in the process of practice can truly experience and learn management knowledge.

During the internship, Associate Professor Jack WOO of Business School visited Jackwoo at the company's network. The college supervisor also had a discussion on career development planning with Zou Xirang and his corporate supervisor, and understood the work performance of the intern. He worked actively, conscientiously, dutifully and conscientiously during the internship, and also told the value and significance of the internship for Zou Xirang. Through the internship, he felt the actual situation of the work. The intern also appreciates the internship opportunities given by the school and the company, so that he can grow in the enterprise internship.

Picture/Text: Jack WOO