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Internship Visit | Jack WOO, Associate Professor Jack WOO of Business School, visited Cai Xiaodan, an intern at Shenzhen Edan Instruments Inc.

Date:Jun 15, 2023 11:20Source: ClickTimes:

Internship is an important part of applied science learning, which allows students to apply the theories they learn in school into practical skills. To improve students' understanding of their field and application of theoretical knowledge, Business School of Shenzhen Technology University arrange corporate internship for third year students in their courses.

Ms. Cai Xiaodan had her internship at Shenzhen Edan Instruments Inc. During the internship, Cai Xiaodan participated in the company's internship training program, which aims to provide her with comprehensive business training and practical opportunities to help her better adapt to the corporate culture and work requirements. Cai Xiaodan was assigned to the contract management department, and her main scope of work include following up on contract status, entering contracts and collating original contract documents. During the internship, Cai Xiaodan learned how to use the company's contract management system and understood the basic processes and considerations in contract management. In addition, Cai Xiaodan also participated in some actual contract management projects and deepened her understanding of contract management practice.

During the internship period, Jack WOO, Associate Professor from Business School, also came to the company for a visit. The internship visit was very meaningful for the interns, who had the opportunity to show the knowledge and skills learned in the internship to the faculty supervisor and to receive guidance and advice. In addition, the faculty supervisor also had an exchange with the corporate supervisor to discuss the intern's performance and future career planning. Finally, Ms. Cai Xiaodan expressed her gratitude to the corporate supervisor and college for the internship arrangement. During the internship, the corporate supervisor guided her very patiently, helped the intern adapt to the working environment of the company, and provided many valuable suggestions and feedback. Also, she thanks the school for providing this valuable internship opportunity to the students and giving the undergraduates the chance to learn and grow through industrial practice.

Picture/Text: Jack WOO