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Forum Review | ACCA and SHMFTPP Professional Development

Date:Jun 14, 2023 17:25Source: ClickTimes:

On June 9th, Ms. Judy ZHU, Director of the Certification Center of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Fintech Professional Program (SHMFTPP) of the Shenzhen Fintech Association, and and her colleagues, were invited to Shenzhen University of Technology to share the training mechanism and employment prospects of FinTech talents in the Greater Bay Area.

PwC's 2019 Global Fintech Survey reported that China's fintech talent gap is as high as 1.5 million. At present, the gap is widening. According to the "China Fintech Talent Training and Development Questionnaire Survey (2021)", 96.8% of the research institutions have a shortage of fintech professionals in 2021. The number one challenge for financial institutions in recruiting fintech professionals is the lack of competence and experience in fintech skills, and more than half of the surveyed organizations have this problem. At the forum, Ms. Judy ZHU said, "To alleviate the problem of financial technology talent gap, the key is to vigorously promote the integration and development of finance and information technology, and cultivate compound talents who closely integrate finance and modern information technology. At the same time, the forum speaker also shared the job demand of fresh graduates, and the current salary of financial technology positions is in the range of 8,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan, which is generally higher than the salary level of traditional industries. At present, financial institutions have put forward higher requirements for digital transformation and upgrading and the application of financial technology scenarios, front-end and back-end architects, system development, data analysis, product managers and other positions are in short supply, and 77.5% of financial technology talents come from fresh graduates campus recruitment. Talents with multi-dimensional knowledge, cability and lateral thinking will have a broad career path and development space.

In addition, the forum also invited Mr. Major MEI, Chairman of ACCA South China Expert Steering Group, Senior Vice President, COO and CHO of Jiawei New Energy Co., Ltd., and 2022 students of PSL Paris-Dauprin Executive Business Administration Doctoral Program to share his learning and career development career with the students. Mr. Major MEI talked about the perception of transformation and upgrading and said that in addition to clear workplace positioning, there are many important factors. "First of all, there is the career philosophy. Professional managers must create value and always make capitalists (shareholders) and companies feel that you are valuable. This is a key foundation. Secondly, one must be a core professionalism. Professional managers are responsible, never give up, but also never fantasize, must be pragmatic. Success is by no means a one-step process, but a step at a time. Standing up on every step. The third is execution strategy, and the focus of each career is different. When performing a finance duty, the main focus is on technical and professional issues. As an executive, I'm now more focused on things at the strategic level and at the organizational level. A person’s energy is limited, and they should spend their energy on the aspects that match their positions, so that they can work harder and more efficiently. ”

At the forum, students actively spoke and asked questions about exam certification, internship and employment. The forum speakers also gave full answers and affirmation to the students. First year student Renke HUANG said, "For first-year students, this forum is very meaningful and points out the direction for our future learning and development." In addition, Professor Tommi Yu also attended the forum to present appreciation letters and souvenirs to the forum speakers on behalf of the Business School. Professor Tommi Yu said, "Tonight I have just attended the Talent Development Sharing Session, and I would like to attest how interactive and meaningful was the event, and how inspiring were the speakers to our students”. Finally, we would like to thank Associate Professor Jack WOO for his careful arrangement and organization of this forum, so that the students can get close to and understand the professional and career development of accountants and financial technologists.

Picture/Text: Jack WOO