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Event Review | The First Session of Industrial Financial Statement Analysis Contest

Date:Jun 13, 2023 17:14Source: ClickTimes:

Financial statements are written declarations prepared by companies about their financial condition, operating results and cash flows. Financial statements are divided into three types: balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements. The analysis of these statements is important for decision-makers and investors as they provide information about the financial condition and performance of the company.

For decision-makers, financial statement analysis can help them develop future business strategies. By analyzing these statements, they can understand the company’s financial performance, including information about its revenue, costs, and profits. They can also understand the company’s assets and liabilities as well as its cash flow. This information can enable decision-makers to better understand the company’s financial condition and make strategic decisions accordingly.

For investors, financial statement analysis can help them evaluate the investment value of the company. By analyzing the company’s financial statements, they can understand the company’s profitability, solvency and cash flow, and thereby evaluate its long-term value. This information can help investors to better understand whether their investment is secure and to make investment decisions.

For business school students, learning financial statement analysis can help them better understand the financial condition and performance of the company in their future careers. Business school students can learn how to analyze and interpret financial statements to better understand the company’s financial condition. These skills can also help them make better business and investment decisions in their future careers.

The intermediate Financial Accounting course has always emphasized practicality. Under the guidance of Associate Professor Jack WOO, students of Finance Management specialization gave a brilliant financial statement analysis presentation in the intermediate financial accounting course. After weeks of preparation, the students conducted a detailed analysis of the company’s annual financial statements and delved deep into various key financial indicators. They provided a detailed explanation and evaluation of the financial information and used various financial metrics and analysis methods to identify and diagnose problems in the company.

The students used PowerPoint slides, charts and graphics to visualize key data and information, making it easier for the audience to understand and grasp key information. They were passionate and full of energy, with everyone fully utilizing their talents to collectively identify problems in the company’s financial statements and propose improvement suggestions. As the course leader, Associate Professor Jack WOO actively participated and encouraged the students throughout their performance and analysis results. He not only provided ample guidance and support but also asked the students in-depth financial questions and challenges, providing feedback and evaluation and encouraging the students to use data to analyze and focus on details to produce more accurate results.

This financial analysis contest not only marks the students’ academic achievements but also tests their professional skills in financial management. The financial analysis contest provided an opportunity for students to learn and explore corporate finance and accounting data, not only gaining recognition and support from peers but also strengthening their academic literacy and business awareness. In summary, under the guidance of Associate Professor Jack WOO, the students’ financial analysis in the intermediate financial accounting course is not only a memorable experience and successful collaboration, but also a valuable resource for their future career development.

After the review of the expert team, the results of this financial statement analysis contest are as follows:

· Best Visuals award won by Create-the-future team who used analytical charts, images, and other visual elements that were very vivid, engaging, and matched the overall content.

· Best Interaction Design Award won by the Genetic Reengineering team who made the interaction design elements of analysis very intuitive, logical and effectively engage with the audience.

· Best Innovation Award won by the Miracles team who used creative and innovative design elements that excited the audience.

· Best Presentation Award won by the Flying Tiger team whose analytical content conveyed the message convincingly and connected with the audience.

· Best Actionable Award won by the Fierce Cow team whose analysis logic was simple, clear, easy to understand, and can be deepened through practical practice.

· Best Educational Award won by the Urban Management Brigade team who effectively used the knowledge from financial accounting course and was suitable for students' learning habits and needs.

· Best Research Award won by the Sing-a-song team whose analytical data, case studies and research data were reliable, accurate, and relevant to the course content.

· Best Analytical Award won by the Kaisen team who used a moderate amount of analytical information and was able to provide enough information to the audience efficiently.

Once again, we warmly congratulate the winning teams and look forward to their coming works.

Picture/Text: Jack WOO