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Internship Visit| Associate Professor Jack WOO Visits Internship Student Yang, Zijian in Guangzhou

Date:Jun 5, 2023 14:55Source: ClickTimes:

Associate Professor Jack WOO conducted an interview with internship student Yang Zijian on May 19, 2023 in Guangzhou. This interview focused on Yang Zijian's internship experience and future planning, and they shared and exchanged ideas.

In the interview, Yang Zijian mentioned his internship experience at the Guicheng Labor Bureau. He is responsible for mediating complaints and labor arbitration cases. Although it is not his field of study, he can still learn a lot from it, such as how to maintain a neutral attitude and communicate with the mediator, how to use labor law to protect our legitimate rights and interests. Associate Professor Jack WOO expressed his great appreciation for the internship experience, and he asked some questions, such as some interesting cases and experiences encountered during the internship, and the internship life.

Yang Zijian also shared his short-term plans. He hopes to pass the first and second level examinations of Financial Risk manager and Chartered Financial Analyst in the next two years, and Associate Professor Jack WOO encouraged him. In addition, they also exchanged views on the career plan of the graduate student in the future and some directions and forms of postgraduate study. Associate Professor Jack WOO said the postgraduate study is not the only direction after undergraduate graduation. One can first carry out career planning, understand the domestic employment trend and environment, and try to work for a period first.

The entire interview was interactive and inspiring. During the interview, they shared their views and experiences, exchanged and discussed many issues with each other. For students who challenge themselves and keep moving forward in learning and practice, such interviews are a breakthrough and a valuable experience. We look forward to Yang Zijian's continued progress and success in his future studies and career.

Text/Picture: Jack WOO