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Associate Professor Jack WOO visited internship students at Guangzhou Mingjie Decoration Design

Date:Jun 5, 2023 14:39Source: ClickTimes:

On 11 May, Jack WOO, Associate Professor of the School of Business, visited Guangzhou Mingjie Decoration & Design Co Ltd to inspect the students who are on internship in the company. The purpose of the event was to understand the students' internship situation and to provide more targeted guidance and advice to them.

Guangzhou Mingjie Decoration Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is a high starting point, strong, large scale, comprehensive architectural decoration and design company, specialising in the decoration of offices, offices and factories of small, medium and large enterprises and their design services.

Dr. Jack WOO first met with the head of the company to understand the development and future plans of the company, and to learn more about the work content and work results of the students during their internship. Afterwards, Dr. Jack WOO met with the company's placement officers to understand the students' performance and problems.

During the visit to the students' departments, Dr. Jack WOO met with the students face-to-face to understand their personal situation, their perceptions and feelings about their internship and pointed out areas for improvement and provided valuable advice and guidance on how to enhance self-learning, how to work with colleagues and how to gain experience and improve their career during the internship. The event not only provided the school with a comprehensive understanding of the issues involved, but also the importance of the students' work.

Dr. Jack WOO maintained a comprehensive understanding of the students' internship situation, the current development of the company, keep a regular contact and communication between the college and the company, while effectively improving the quality and capability of the students' internship. The visit of the internship supervisor showed that the college attaches great importance to students' internship and career development, and actively explores new modes of cooperation with enterprises, providing a solid foundation for students to better integrate into society and realise their self-worth.

Text/Picture: Jack WOO