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Associate Professor Jack WOO Visited Internship Students at Shenzhen Rihao Financial Consulting Group

Date:Jun 5, 2023 14:16Source: ClickTimes:

On May 9th, Associate Professor Jack WOO of the School of Business visited Shenzhen Rihao Financial Consulting Group and inspected the students who interned in this company. The purpose of this event is to understand the situation of student internships and provide students with more targeted guidance and advice. Shenzhen Rihao Financial Consulting Group is an enterprise engaged in enterprise management consulting, enterprise management training, internal control and risk management consulting. The business scope is mainly in the Pearl River Delta.

After communicating with the head of the recruitment, personnel and management department of the intern, it learned that the intern received two weeks of industry and professional practical training in the company, and then assigned to the audit and consulting department according to the ability and willingness of the intern to carry out the internship. Interns report directly to the project leader and receive work arrangements, while maintaining regular communication with the recruitment, personnel and management departments. The company said that the interns have a good learning attitude, work hard and have strong communication skills, and the company expressed its appreciation for business school’s talent training and internship program, and hoped that this internship can cultivate grassroots managers. Students also expressed that they had a better understanding of business management and operation during the internship, and had a clearer goal of mastering finance and financial knowledge and employment after graduation. At the same time, through internship, they can better contact the social aspect and enhance your social experience.

Students said that they encountered various problems during the internship and obtained various solutions. In these projects, students are required to collaborate with other colleagues and communicate with clients to ensure that the project is completed on time and achieves the desired results. In this process, students not only learned how to coordinate teams and communicate with customers, but also learned how to deal with various problems. These practical opportunities not only helped me consolidate my theoretical knowledge, but also helped the students gain more practical experience. The visit of the college supervisor can not only allow them to communicate with enterprise supervisor their achievements in the enterprise, but also consult some questions and suggestions, and at the same time, in response to their feedback, the college supervisor gave relevant suggestions and requirements to the enterprise in time to ensure that the students' internship life becomes richer and more fulfilling. This visit not only allowed the school to have a comprehensive understanding of the students' internship situation and the development status of the enterprise, but also played an active role in the connection and communication between the college and the enterprise, and effectively improved the internship quality and ability of the students.

This college supervisor visit shows that the college attaches great importance to students' internship and career development, and actively explores new models of cooperation with enterprises, which provides a solid foundation for students to better integrate into society and realize their self-worth. Finally, the students thanked Rihao Financial Consulting Group for the internship opportunity, which allowed them to learn a lot of knowledge and experience, and also better understand their interests in the field of consulting and auditing. The students also thanked the college supervisors for their help and guidance. They would also like to thank the school for building the bridge between them and the enterprise, giving them this resource and platform, and this internship will be a valuable experience and learning opportunity for students for their further studies and future careers.

Picture/Text: Jack WOO