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Internship Visit | Associate Professor Jack WOO Visits Internship Students at Ming Yuan Cloud Group Holdings Limited

Date:Jun 1, 2023 10:45Source: ClickTimes:

To further understand and care about the internship situation of students, on May 9, 2023, Associate Professor Jack WOO from the Business School visited their internship companies on site. He came to Shenzhen Mingyuan Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., a real estate enterprise that provides intelligent business solutions and management systems, committed to promoting digital practices to visit his internship student.

Associate Professor Jack WOO first visited the internship compaany of his student, and then asked her about the specific work content of the internship. He also enquired what she learned during the internship, understood the difficulties she encountered during the internship, and reminded her to complete the internship weekly report on time while also thinking about the internship report. Finally, Associate Professor Jack WOO had a conversation with the enterprise supervisor and asked about the work arrangements and internship plans for the internship student. He also asked about the company's keywords and values, as well as the internship performance. He also asked the enterprise supervisor to provide some guidance on the internship reports. Through this internship visit, the student had a clearer plan for her internship work and future study. The college supervisor also gained a deeper understanding of the internship work and put forward many meaningful suggestions.

Figure 1. Associate Professor Jack WOO with the enterprise supervisor and internship student

Figure 2. Associate Professor Jack WOO with the enterprise supervisor

Text/Picture: Jack WOO