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Business Etiquette Night | A blessing in the warm winter

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In the evening of Dec 3rd, all the teachers and third year students of the School of Business observed and practiced business etiquette, table manners, table talk and other skills in a full of warmth business dinner. At the dinner, Dean Professor Holger Haldenwang emphasized that corporate internship is an important milestone and a time to test what we have learned. In addition, maintain appropriate business etiquette can improve personal professional image and social relations, Vice Dean Professor Li Jie, through a short story, encouraged everyone not to be afraid of making mistakes. The most important thing is to learn from it to improve professional level and cultivation, and draw strength from it to continue to move forward. Finally, Assistant Professor Ding Zhuoqi, Secretary of the Party, hoped that the students would study hard and enrich themselves in the internship journey. The dream is ahead, the road is under the feet, and the future is in the hands, congratulations to all students on making their dreams come true!

Picture 1. Dean Professor Holger Haldenwang

Picture 2. Vice Dean Professor Li Jie

Picture 3. Party Branch Secretary, Assistant Professor Ding Zhuoqi

At the dinner, Associate Professor Markus Rach and Associate Professor Chen Hao provided a life demonstration on how to effectively carry out table talks. Associate Professor Markus Rach of the Department of Marketing Management was unable to attend the event due to personal reasons, but he fully demonstrated his humorous personality and speaking skills through edited short videos. Associate Professor Chen Hao from the Department of Human Resources shared her personal experience on the importance of paying attention to details, and encouraged students not only do things right, but also do the right things. Finally, Associate Professor Jack Woo also shared some tips for table talk during business dinners, and invited several students to compete on the stage at the dinner. Professor Gordana Kierans was acted as the secret judge. The following is the list of students who have won the award:

First place: Li Linhan

Second place: Zheng Xiaoyu

Third place: Pan Siyu

Excellence Award: Pan Honglin, Li Quanxiu, Zeng Lina, Long Piaopiao


Video by Associate Professor Markus Rach


Picture 4. Associate Professor Chen Hao is sharing

Picture 5. Associate Professor Jack WOO is sharing

Picture 6. Associate Professor Liu Gang presents certificates to the winners

The dinner ended with the students exchanging gifts and blessings each other. The teachers and students were still unfulfilled, feeling that time was flying, and hoped that the students could always maintain their original intentions, no matter how time changes, let the sincerity be forever; No matter how the world changes, let the goodness always last; No matter in now or future, let the good virtue forever!

Picture 7-9. In-spot photos

Picture 10. Group photo

Text: Jack WOO

Picure: Photographer

Video: Markus Rach