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Data Processing and Company Research Made Easy

Date:Dec 12, 2022 17:28Source: ClickTimes:

In the era of multilateralism and big data, data processing and company research have become particularly important, especially for the complex and ever-changing international business and cross-border trade. In the afternoon of Dec 4th, Associate Professor Jack Woo guided more than 110 students to extract, process and analyze multi-dimensional data based on Excel functions. The big data processing process mainly includes data collection, data pre-processing, data storage, data processing and analysis, data display/data visualization, data application and other steps, of which data quality runs through the entire big data process, and each data processing step will have an impact on the quality of big data. With Excel's functions and many built-in features, you can quickly process and model big data, provide accurate data analysis and prediction, excellent visualizations, and concise interpretation of results.

In addition, Associate Professor Jack Woo also showed how to use online resources provided by the business school, such as Business Source Ultimate (EBSCO), to perform corporate and business research. EBSCO has a complete full-text database of business, management and finance, including peer-reviewed journals, company profiles, economic reports, industry reports, case studies, market research reports, SWOT analysis, etc. Business economics related topics, including marketing, management, management information systems (MIS), production and operations management (POM), accounting, finance, economics, etc. Students can use their student accounts and passwords to log in to EBSCO's online resources from inside and outside campus, with no concurrent user restrictions, and conduct corporate and business research anytime, anywhere.


Text/Picture: Jack WOO