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Business School Held In-Class Guest Lecture on Labor Law

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In the morning of May 27, 2022, Business School of SZTU invited Chunyan Zhu,who is thesenior partner of Shanghai AllBright (Shenzhen) Law Firm, and lawyer Ziyin Weng to give a lecture on labor law. Associate Professor Yun Cheng, Associate Professor Fangying Lin and the students of grade 2000 who major in International Business participated.

Lawyer Chunyan Zhu graduated from China University of Political Science and Law. She is regarded as one of the leading lawyers who solve the foreign issues in Guangdong Province. She is also the director of the Tourism and Hotel Law Committee of Shenzhen Lawyers Association, and a member of Guangdong Lawyers Association Great-Bay-Area Working Committee. she worked as a lawyer for more than 12 years and has a solid legal theoretical foundation and rich practical experience. Lawyer Ziyin Weng graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and has extensive experience in banking and finance, company mergers and acquisitions, and labor law.

This lecture is part of the course Human Resource Management. It aims to share practical knowledge and cases about labor law to students by senior experts who engaged in real world work. The lecture is divided into six parts: labor law overview, recruitment and employment, labor contracts, wages, holidays, social insurance and housing provident fund. Lawyer Chunyan Zhu and Lawyer Ziyin Weng shared relevant knowledge and cases from the perspective of the HRs and college students who are searching jobs, and then answered the questions of the students.


Picture 1 Lawyer Chunyan Zhu introduced the labor law system

At the beginning of the lecture, lawyer Chunyan Zhu introduced the labor law system and hiring process, which set the foundation for the next parts. Lawyer Zhu emphasized that receiving an offer from a company does not mean signing a labor contract,there is no employment relationship with the company, so disputes arising from offers are not labor disputes.

eb7e063cfd3b0250bcfd96914d99ed1Picture 2 Lawyer Chunyan Zhu introducing the TIPS when signing a labor contract

Then, lawyer Zhu shared heropinions and suggestions with typical cases about the labor contract, including the necessary provisions, modification, cancellation of labor contract, provisions on salary and compensation, etc.. The real cases attracted the students.Lawyer Zhu also mentioned that there is no labor relationship between interns and employers, that is, there is no labor relationship between the employer and the interns. Therefore, students should pay attention to protecting their legal rights and interests when looking for internships.

Finally, lawyer Ziyin Weng shared the benefits of holidays, social insurance and housing provident fund. Through analyzing the real cases, she demonstrated the rules how to calculate the leave payment and the payment of social insurance, which provided good guidance for the students to enter the workplace in the future.


Picture 3 Lawyer Weng Ziyin introducing the social insurance

After the speech, the studentsactively raised their own questions. Lawyer Zhu and Weng enthusiastically answered their questions. Students who are starting abusiness, preparing to start a business, or preparing to find a job havelearned a lot from thislecture.


Picture 4 LawyerZhu Chunyan answering students’ questions

"From the real world, application-oriented", Business School will adhere to the principle of " cultivating practical talent”, and will continue to invite expert and leaders from the companies and other organizations to share their practice and experiences, so as to help the students grow up quickly.


Photo: Chuni Luo

Review: Yun Cheng