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The Business School successfully held an in-class lecture on “Supplier Management in Practice”

Date:May 6, 2022 15:41Source: ClickTimes:

On the afternoon of April 29th, Associate Prof  Liu Gang of Business School hosted a lecture on supplier management practice in C-5 building 108 to enhance students' understanding of supply chain management practice.

The special guest of this lecture is Mr. Thomas Wu, a senior consultant for the Chairman of a high-tech company. Mr. Wu has more than 20 years of the supply chain management related experience, he is proficient in the international top suppliers' business operations and supplier management. When in HW company, he successively participated in the optimal/business process optimization/IT new or change or management project. He also served as lecturer of purchasing performance of the business. He was praised for the excellent mentor of new employees many times. After retiring, he was hired as a senior consultant of HW as well. The lecture was held on the premise of meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention. Students came in orderly and sat apart. During Mr. Wu's self-introduction, the warm applause was prolonged.

Mr. Wu first briefly introduced HW’s business development, R&D investment, and business distribution in 2021, and then elaborated on HW's supply system, supply chain management structure, supply chain development stage, procurement organization structure, key procurement processes, and supply chain management panorama. From the traditional supply chain, integrated supply chain to the current digital supply chain, HW has kept pace with The Times and successfully reshaped the supply chain in the digital era, greatly improving customer experience and efficiency, and truly implementing digitalization, digitalization and digitalization. HW has its own set of performance appraisals and portfolio management on how to select appropriate suppliers. In addition to the constraints of common contracts and rules, IT bearing and record execution is also a very important step. In this lecture, Mr. Wu also interspersed some of his own work experience in HW company and provided interesting practical cases, so that students have a deeper understanding of the content of this lecture. It deepened students' understanding of how to use the knowledge learned to solve practical problems. The interactive course content is lively and interesting, and the students also actively spoke and asked questions, making the classroom atmosphere very harmonious.

Right: Mr. Thomas Wu

Content: Li Jinling, Ye Shuting

Photo: Luo Chuni

Review: Liu Gang