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Corporate Visit | Walk into Jingding, carry forward craftsmanship spirit

Date:Dec 30, 2021 17:34Source: ClickTimes:

In order to further deepen school-enterprise cooperation and strengthen students' understanding of the production process and working environment of manufacturing companies, on December 24, 2021, 19 students from Class 2 of International Business 2021 cohort, organized by Assistant Professor Zhang Jinyi, the class teacher, went to Shenzhen Jingding Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jingding") for on-site visits and learning, in-depth communication with the company, experience happy molds, and pay tribute to the craftsman spirit.

The 13th, 14th and 15th person from left side in the picture are Chairman Huang Zhiqiang, Assistant Professor Zhang Jinyi, and Technical Director respectively

First of all, Chairman Huang Zhiqiang led students to visit the chairman's office, demonstrating Jingding's representative products and craftsmanship. Jingding was established in September 2004. It is committed to making high-quality molds. After rich accumulation and innovation, it has become a supplier of parts such as Hella, Valeo, Magna, etc., and manufactures high-end automotive plastic molds in Europe and the United States. It has a great influence in the field of high-end automotive plastic mold manufacturing in Europe and the United States. The story of Chairman Huang and Mold and the experience of founding Jingding taught teachers and students an unforgettable lesson.

Then, Technical Director Mr. Peng invited students to the product display center and the party building room to further understand the whole process of Jingding from scratch, and saw the updated iteration of Jingding molds such as helmets, car keys and other products.Through Mr. Peng's detailed introduction, everyone has a more intuitive understanding of related technologies and the current industry situation, which helps students learned a lot.

After that, Mr. Peng led the students to experience the mold production process of Jingding, and walked through the slow wire, production, and assembly workshops in turn, introduced in detail the operation process and management mode of each workshop and job position, and at the same time addressed the questions raised by the students. With detailed answers, students can intuitively experience the mold production process and understand how Jingding can improve production efficiency and better meet the individual needs of customers.

The second from the left in the picture is Chief Technical Director Mr. Peng

Finally, the Chairman, Mr. Huang Zhiqiang, invited students to participate in the Jingding Christmas Eve winter chairman's dinner, and invited several industry leaders at the dinner table to share their entrepreneurial experience and craftsmanship. During the in-depth exchanges at the dinner, students deeply felt the touching Jingding spirit of moving forward with confidence, working together, and not forgetting the original intentions, and "happy mold, kk come on" is even more exciting in the cold winter. During this trip, the students not only broadened their vision and increased their knowledge, but also had a preliminary understanding of the future prospects of the major. The Business School of Shenzhen Technology University has always attached importance to the cultivation of students' practical ability, and through multiple channels, students can visit and study in enterprises, creating favorable conditions for cultivating high-skilled application-oriented business talents.

Text reviewed by: Zhang Jinyi