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Enterprise Visiting Tour | TÜV Rheinland Internet of Things Technology Assessment Center

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Students visit TÜV Rheinland

On February 3,2021,the students of 2019 Industrial Design(Design Economics from Business School, led by Associate Professor Cheng Yun, visited the TÜV Rheinland Internet of Things Technology Assessment Center in Longhua, Shenzhen.

Founded in 1872, the German TÜV Rheinland Group is a technical service provider with a global service network. The German group is the world's leading provider of testing, inspection, certification, training and consulting services, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, with hundreds of branches worldwide. This visit is the Internet of Things Technology Laboratory in Longhua, Shenzhen.

At the beginning of the visit, Sven-Olaf Steinke, General Manager of Electronics Services in Greater China Area, introduced the milestones of the development oftheTÜV RheinlandGroup.Founded in1872to ensure the safety of manufacturing plants,the TÜV RheinlandGrouphas a history ofnearly 150 years. The TÜV RheinlandGroupcurrently coversindustrialservices and information security, transportation services, product services, management system services,RheinlandCollege and Life Care.TÜV Rheinlandhas always been committed to providingrigorous and high-quality testing and certification services, from an impartial and independent perspective to provide professional assessment, to provide local enterprises with safety, quality and environmental protection of one-stop solutions.

Sven-Olaf Steinke introduces the TÜV Rheinland Group in Germany

Studentslistentogeneral manager Sven-Olaf Steinke’s speech

Thelab manager, Bill Yao,thenintroduced thebusiness and testing capabilities of thelaboratory inTÜV Rheinland. Thetest methods and equipment such asthe 10mand 3m tests, air transmission performance tests and 5GRF performance automation tests were demonstrated in TÜV Rheinland. The students learned a lot about the technologies, testing equipment, strict measures of product-information confidentiality, and the competitiveness ofTÜV Rheinland.

Bill Yaointroduces the laboratories inTÜV Rheinland

Immediately thereafter, Bill Yaoandother laboratory leaders took their students on a tourof the labs in TÜV Rheinland. The managers and engineers of the laboratory warmly introduce a variety of laboratories, high-precision instruments, testing process and assessment methods. They also carefully answered a lot of questions about equipment, testing processes and other things.

Students visit the10meters airwave darkroom

After visiting the laboratory, the students returned to the classroom. Jason Liu,deputy general manager of Rheinland College and LifeCare, discussed with his classmates about "The digital age, talent competence model". He introduced thenine core technologies of industry 4.0 tothe students, and aroused the students' in-depth thinking about the era of industry 4.0.

Jason Liu introduces Industrial 4.0

StudentscommunicatewithJason Liu

Text and Photo:Wang Xinyan, Xu Jiewen

Review:Cheng Yun