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Enterprise class |A Visit to Pangoo Cross-Border Business Cluster Area

Date:Oct 28, 2021 10:19Source: ClickTimes:

On the afternoon of October 8,2021, the students of Industrial Design(Design Economics)2019 from Business School visited Pangoo Cross-border Business Cluster Area with the lead of Associate Professor Cheng Yun. This group located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen.

At the beginning of the visit, Liao Caoyuan , the director of Cross-border Service MVP Department of Pangoo Group Co., LTD. and Xue Gang, the deputy director of project development department in Innovation Education Business Unit, showed the students around the Pangoo showroom, Introduced in detail of the Pangoo group development , its main business, business model, corporate culture and the development trend of Pangoo cross-border business under the pandemic environment. Founded in 2005, Pangoo Group Co., LTD is a global holder of the Pangoo and Pangoo@ Pangoo World brands. At the beginning of its establishment, the company was mainly engaged in the R&D and production of consumer electronics and expanded its overseas business successfully as an industrial company of Tsinghua University. Under the condition of the rapid development of e-commerce and industrial Internet, Pangoo has started the operation of cross-border e-commerce park, provide comprehensive cross-border e-commerce services, support China's manufacturing industry to expand their overseas markets, and provide training program about innovation and entrepreneurship. During the visit, Liao Zhaoyuan, as a member of Pangoo Group, introduced the Pangoo’s culture to the students: "With integrity, passion and mission; pursue together, struggle together and achieve excellence together". Only when being honest, with passion and mission, one can create more value for the company. Most importantly, as a member of the company, he or she should work with the company, develop the future hand in hand. Only through thick and thin can we share the glory.

Later, the students visited the creative products exhibition of Shenzhen Edifier Technology Co., Ltd. and its designers' office. The company is a smart equipment enterprise jointly founded by Edifier & Maoxin, integrating product creativity, industrial design and independent marketing. The products of Moxin is mainly for young groups, its product design is novel, simple and delicate. The manager of Liberfeel Company introduced the creativity of their products based on the needs of users. And in the on-site communication the students truly touch the innovation made in the terminal product design.


After the visit, the students came to the meeting room, general manager of Pangoo Group’s innovation education center Pi Jingcheng introduced the innovation and entrepreneurship in domestic cross-border enterprises, answered the students' questions, gave suggestions on innovation and entrepreneurship to students with his understanding of the industry and personal entrepreneurial experience. The students benefited a lot from this wonderful sharing about the operation, business model and future development of cross-border e-commerce, personal growth and career planning.

After the communication, it was late when the students boarded the bus to leave Pangoo Company. Although it’s a long trip in a rainy day, the students felt that they learned a lot and the trip was worthwhile. The students went into enterprises, investigated the innovation and entrepreneurship practice of enterprises and got a lot about the cross-border e-commerce business.

"From the real world, application-oriented", the learning of business related theories and knowledge needs to be closely combined with the real world, get nutrition from practice. Business Schools will continue providing some classes in enterprises, help students accept knowledge from practice and verify relevant theories in practice to help students grow up quickly.

Text and Photos: Luo Chuni

Review: Wang Yinghao