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Industrial Awareness Practice Held in Kashui Group

Date:Oct 28, 2021 11:20Source: ClickTimes:

On October 16th, the Business School of Shenzhen Technology University and Kashui Group successfully held a one-day enterprise class to carry out extracurricular practical education of Industrial Awareness for 2019 Industrial Design ( Design Economy )students.

Ka Shui Industrial Culture Center Corridor& Industry Innovation Center

In the morning, Carolina Yu Wai Shan (Director of Human Resource department, GeneralManager of Enterprise Academy) and Jiyong Huang(Manager of Enterprise Academy) led us to visit Ka Shui Industrial Culture Center Corridor, showing the enterprise development history, transformation process and the main business.

Afterwards, we went to National Light Alloy Innovation Center of intelligent casting industry and 3D Printing Workshop, General Manager Meng Qingwen introduced the production process and related technologies of the exhibits in the exhibition hall, which made us have a preliminary understanding of the development and trend of domestic technology.

Two Seminars

In the afternoon, we attended two seminars .The first seminar was led by Enterprise Development Center, Zhu Jie, general manager of the development Center, Xu Tao, manager of R&D center and two senior engineers also attended the meeting and shared a lot of professional knowledge. Mr. Meng further expanded the 3D printing technology based on our impressions of the visiting in the morning. In the interactive section, students actively asked questions according to the relevant content of the lecture, "We haven't had such a lively discussion atmosphere for a long time," Manager Xu said in the meeting.

The theme of the second seminar is about talent development, Mrs. Yu introduced the unique management mode of KaShui Group in its decades of operation. we learned the requirements of talent development from the perspective of human resource management. We were deeply impressed by Miss Yu's abundant energy and wisdom in human resource management.

Photos: Wang Xinyan

Text: Li Jiaxin

Video: Doris Ding

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