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Lectures on Intellectual Property Management from a Legal Perspective

Date:Oct 22, 2021 15:27Source: ClickTimes:

In the afternoon of September 24,2021, the Scientific Research and University-Enterprise Cooperation Office, the President's Office and the Business School of Shenzhen Technology University invited Lawyer Che Xiaoyan, deputy director of the Intellectual Property Committee of Shenzhen Lawyer Association and senior partner of Shanghai Jintiancheng (Shenzhen) Law Firm, to have a lecture on "Intellectual Property Management on the Legal Perspective". Experts and professors from relevant departments, students of 2019 Industrial Design (Design economics) & 2020 International Business from Business School participated.

Lawyer Che Xiaoyan has been engaged in intellectual property litigation and non-litigation cases for many years. She is an expert in relevant theories, laws and regulations on intellectual property and also has rich practical experience in enterprise intellectual property management. At the beginning, lawyer Che Xiaoyan led to the theme of the lecture through the dispute between "Tea Beauty" and "Tea Beauty View", and pointed out the importance of intellectual property protection and the value of knowledge about intellectual property.

Lawyer Che Xiaoyan

Then, lawyer Che Xiaoyan shared her views and practical suggestions from seven aspects: the connotation of intellectual property management, the management of intellectual property resources, intellectual property application, intellectual property protection, intellectual property contract management, trade secret management and intellectual property management at each stage of a project. A large number of vivid practical cases were described, which made the listeners not only understand the concepts and methods related to intellectual property management but also deeply realize the importance of protecting intellectual property and making good use of intellectual property.

Particularly, in the final part of the lecture, Lawyer Che Xiaoyan gave many practical suggestions about intellectual property management in all stages of a project, from the project being approved, research and development, human resource management to procurement and production etc. She provided a detailed practical guidance to the listeners who are doing projects.

After the lecture, lawyer Che Xiaoyan answered the questions about the intellectual property management for students who have started a business and gave them some suggestions.

"From the real world, application-oriented", the learning of business related theories and knowledge needs to be closely combined with the real world, get nutrition from practice. In the future, Business School will continue to invite expert and leaders from the companies and other organizations to share their practice experiences, so as to help the students grow up quickly.

Text: Ye Shuting

Photo: Cheng Yun

Edit: Liang Minyi