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Livestreaming | Business School Admissions Special Presentation

Date:Jun 23, 2021 12:23Source: ClickTimes:

From 15:00 to 15:40 on June 19th 2021, Assistant Professor Ding Zhuoqi, Assistant Professor Zhang Jinyi and Student Representative Wu Zhuyou of Business School participated in the 2021 Zhongshan Zhuhai Admissions Special Session organized by the School Admissions Office. They conducted special "face-to-face" publicity with the candidates and parents through the network live broadcast. It fully demonstrates the characteristics of the Business School's training and the employment prospects of the International Business major, attracting more high-quality candidates to apply for Business School.

From left to right: Zhang Jinyi, Ding Zhuoqi, Wu Juyou

Assistant Professor Zhang Jinyi gave prresentation on the orientation of our school, subject planning, campus construction, faculty team, international exchanges and school-enterprise cooperation, and introduced the enrollment status of previous years and the enrollment plan for 2021. He emphasized that as an emerging university, Shenzhen Technology University is an international, high-level first-class university of applied technology built with high standards in Shenzhen. In the presentation, the school features are mainly introduced, such as "setting up disciplines and specialties closely to meet the needs of the industry, carrying forward the spirit of craftsman and innovative talent training mode, insisting on open education to cultivate international talents, adhering to the integration of industry and education to carry out school-enterprise cooperation, and attracting talents to build a professional and high-level faculty team globally".

Assistant Professor Zhang Jinyi

Assistant Professor Ding zhuoqi explained the follow questions: What’s the demand and the employment prospects for managerial talent under the background of ongoing globalization? Why is international business particularly worthwhile studying in this context? Why is Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area an ideal place to study and work? She mentioned the BS perfectly matches the needs of the economy growth in the Greater Bay Area by developing highly employable managerial talent – and prepares its students for international managerial careers by giving them both practical managerial and language skills. In her presentation, she put a particular emphasis on the summary that the globalization,and employment perspectives of the International Business major, especially its curriculum, faculty, and key partnerships, all of which benefit our students.

Assistant Professor Ding zhuoqi

Student representative Wu zhuyou shared her feelings and experience of studying in our school. First, she developed her first impression of the school through the backpack-expectation and care. Second, she showed everyone the various activities participated in the University.  which reflected the understanding and support of the school to the students. Whether it is personal development or competition and entrepreneurship, the school  will fully support students'  dreams . In the end, she said that studying at Shenzhen Technology University was her best choice in recent years, and welcome students to apply for it.

Student representative Wu zhuyou

During the interactive communication session, they patiently answered questions about major  application, courses study, overseas exchange opportunities, employment direction, and major transfer that the candidates and parents asked. Candidates actively participate in the interaction, and the way of real-time answering questions are widely praised by the candidates and their parents.

Text & Photos: Zhang Jinyi, Ding Zhuoqi, Wu Zhuyou