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Mission and Prospects of Shenzhen FinTech Development Forum

Date:Jun 24, 2021 10:56Source: ClickTimes:

On June 15, Business School, Financial Innovation and FinTech Research Center held a forum on the Mission and Prospects of Shenzhen FinTech Development.

Guests communicating before the forum

Firstly, Dean of Business School Holger Haldenwang introduced the forum guests, and delivered the message that financial innovation and FinTech help to improve the efficiency of financial market, playing a key role in the development of financial industry.

Dean of Business School Holger Haldenwang

During the keynote speech, the speaker Dr. Li Kai is the assistant director of Shenzhen Institute of Financial Stability Development, and Secretary General of Shenzhen Financial Bureau "Shenzhen Hong Kong Macao FinTech Talent Program. Dr. Li Kai elaborated the status and importance of FinTech in the construction of Shenzhen financial industry. As an important field in supporting the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay area, the FinTech industry plays an increasingly important role and Shenzhen is one of the leading cities in the world's most innovative area. Dr. Li introduced the development space of various types of FinTech enterprises in Shenzhen, and interpreted the 40 policies of the government at the current stage. Dr Li also introduced the special talent plan of "Shenzhen Hong Kong Macao FinTech Talents" in detail, which provide students with some opportunities for their future career path.

Dr. Li Kay’s Keynote Speech

In the Panel Discussion session, Professor Wang Hua presided over the forum, and four guests were respectively

Dr. Li Kai, assistant president of Shenzhen Institute of Financial Stability Development

Mr. Tan Weiyi, Head of the Service Center of Technology Innovation Enterprises of ICBC

Mr. Ding Haoqi, General Manager of Pingshan District Guiding Fund Investment Co., Ltd

Professor Liang Lixin, Foreign Affairs Commissioner, Big data and Internet college, Shenzhen Technology University.

Professor Wang Hua invited the above four experts to elaborate the interpretation of financial technology from four aspects, namely, development from city level, development from financial institutions, entrepreneurship support, and university and student involvement. Four experts also gave wonderful examples of the development of FinTech in the related fields, such as the development prospects of digital RMB, the layout of financial institutions on the digital currency, blockchain, etc. Professor Wang Hua summarized and extended the contents of the remarks, and elaborated the development prospect of FinTech as a cross field, which is an important message for the student who are interested in FinTech.

In the following Q&A session, the students asked questions eagerly and actively interacted with guests. They asked the questions about institutional practice, blockchain technology, entrepreneurship support, career planning in the field of FinTech, etc. Experts have made detailed and targeted answers from their professional perspective.

The students who attended the forum mentioned they all gained greatly from the forum. Through participating, they understood that the field of FinTech is very wide, and can apply to all traditional financial fields through technology such as big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and so on. This forum has interpreted the relevant policies on financial technology, and also the wide application of a series of new technologies. The participants here have not only understood the basic situation of FinTech, but also had a deep understanding of the development status and prospects of Shenzhen in the field.

Q&A session during the forum

Text : Wang Hua

Photos: Ye Shuting, Huang Shan