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Lecture:Entrepreneurship and Innovation spirits

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From 9:00 to 12:00 on June 3, 2021, the Business School held a lecture on "Entrepreneurship and Innovation Spirits" in classroom 560 of C-5 teaching building. The lecture is a part ofInnovation and Entrepreneurship,the Major-related Elective Course for the students of Industrial Design major (Design Economics) 2019 of Business School. In order to improve the practicability and effectiveness of this course, entrepreneurs are invited to the classroom to communicate with students face to face. Mr. Zhao Jianfei, founder and general manager of Shenzhen Myidea Enterprise Management Consulting Ltd., was invited to this lecture. In the lecture Mr. Zhao shared his own entrepreneurial experience, as well as his own summary of the experience of well-known entrepreneurs, and answered the questions of the students.This lecture is hosted by Associate Professor Cheng Yun.

Mr. Zhao Jianfei founded Shenzhen Myidea Enterprise Management Consulting 2009. And in these years Mr. Zhao visited more than one hundred well-known enterprises at home and overseas, and had in-depth interviews with a large number of enterprise executives. He has his own understanding on entrepreneurship and enterprise innovation. In the lecture, Mr. Zhao talked about Entrepreneurship and Innovation Spirits in three parts: What is entrepreneurship and why to start up a business; Innovation and entrepreneurial spirits; 4-Force Model of benchmarking enterprises.

In the partWhat is entrepreneurship and why to start a business, Mr. Zhao shared his original intention of starting a business, the mental journey of each stage of the enterprise's growth, the wandering in the early period of starting the business and the difficulties under the influence of the epidemic in the first half of 2020. Zhao's entrepreneurial experience makes students recognize the good opportunity provided by the new era, and the importance of not forgetting the original intention and sticking to the advantage of difference.

In the partInnovation and entrepreneurial spirits, Mr. Zhao described the common characteristics of entrepreneurs, such as the spirits of adventure, innovation, learning capability, integrity, hard-working, altruism. He analyzed these characteristics based on the actual cases of entrepreneurs such as Lei Jun in Xiaomi, Wang Tao in DJI and Niu Gensheng in Mengniu.

In the part4-Forces model of benchmarking enterprises, Mr. Zhao shared the summary of his research on the management of the benchmarking enterprises. His research has lasted many years and he talked about it with a large number of graphic and video cases. The 4-Forces model describes the common characteristics of the benchmarking enterprises: the strategic force, organizational force, cultural force and innovation force. The strategic force means clear strategic direction and schemes to realize the enterprise's vision and mission. The organizational force is the capable persons and smooth processes to implementing the enterprise's strategy. Cultural force determines the behavior pattern in the organization. Innovation force is the factors which builds the environment for innovation within the enterprise. Mr. Zhao prepared several delicate gifts for the students who participating in the interaction.

After the speech the students asked a lot of questions one after another and Mr. Zhao answered with practical cases carefully. At the end of the lecture on behalf of the business school, Professor Cheng Yun expressed his gratitude to Mr. Zhao for his careful preparation and wonderful speech. He hoped that students would understand innovation and entrepreneurship deeply in the face-to-face communication with entrepreneurs, so as to establish a solid foundation for their future development.

Mr. Zhao sharing his entrepreneurial experience

Mr. Zhao discussing with the student

The students who starts a business asking questions

Photo&Text: Cheng Yun